GoT – book and TV show differences

Reading the A Game of Thrones; in the Ned Stark chapter is a difference between the HBO series and the book.

In The HBO series, when Ned Stark is encountered by Jaime Lannister after Tyrion is captured by Lady Stark, and they sword-fighting, a soldier stabs Ned’s leg behind and that stops the fight there; I had noted this scene a while ago, saying this was a nice thing Jaime character ever did prior to losing his hand.

Well, I take it back – in the book this scene does not appear. Rather Ned is heavily hurt, mostly by his horse slipping. I must say this section in the book is not as exciting as the way it was done by the TV series.

For a show that very nicely kept on track with the book, this change of course, is interesting.

As a result, I not only wonder who George RR Martin wrote these highly creative saga, but also how the show producers made choices to change the book sections.

Back to reading.



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    1. 🙂 GRRM is so good at making us hate and then admire the living characters and hurting our hearts with sorrow by killing the characters we get to love. this book and this writer is challenging my thinking and life perspectives in so many ways that I am not sure whether I should be grumpy or admire GRRM for what a powerful and influential writer he is…

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