a slow read: A Game of Thrones

I have been meaning to read the 5- book series of the “A song of Ice and Fire” pretty soon after I have got them; this was 3 weeks ago.

well, I am still on the 1st book, “A Game of Thrones” and all I could read was the first 466 pages…

I admit that I am not reading it as frequent as I thought I would during these holidays, but when I read I gotta read it slowly, with paying attention to any word or sentence. And that takes time.

Why reading it slowly?

The author George RR Martin has an interesting writing style. In a short paragraph something very critical for the story can happen (e.g. pushing of Bran out of the window by Jaime is merely 4 sentences in two short paragraphs (which also includes the famous phrase “The things I do for love” (page 85; A Game of Thrones, GRRM).

Do you see what I try o say? It is impossible to read these books without reading and digesting every single sentence.

These books demand absolute commitment from the readers.

This is writing in excellence. Hats off to George RR Martin.


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  1. I completely understand what you’re saying. There’s a certain joy in the sentences, it’s important not to skip over them. (I’ve gotten so mad in the past when I’ve loaned books to people, and they tell me that they just skimmed them.)

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    1. I probably did skip sentences in many books, but this book.. it cannot be done. I do not know whether it is because GRRM puts links and hints all over the book for us to grasp or it is because I really am interested in the story and looking for ways to understand the GRRM’s writing mind. You also made an excellent point – some sentences/phrases are indeed joy to read. simple and effective. I am loving these books 🙂

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