money is not everything

I am starting my yoga classes tonite.

Its monthly fee is $100. The studio is 5 min away from my home, it offers classes everyday especially in the evening that are most suitable for my schedule, and the classes I intend to attend are about stretching (not the traditional yoga with postures and stands) that had given me not only a muscular relaxation but also mental relaxation when I had tried it last year. I remember the peace and mental clarity that came out of these classes very well. I remember how my posture was better and the back pain was gone. I remember how my abdominal and arm muscles had felt stronger.

For someone on a budget and with long term financial plan, this fee is high. Yet, when I consider both the short term and long term benefits, I say it is well worth it. If there is something that will give me such a good feeling and benefit me both physically and mentally, I decided I must have it in my life.

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    1. no need for that. I am sure ever woman here and there has some body image shyness. I do not have time for this kind of thought and I prefer to get what I like and what is beneficial for me, rather than thinking about my weight… perhaps you can have a similar mind set someday and give it a try again; it is obviously something you like, too – go for it 🙂


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