scents and senses

I realized a couple of days ago how much I enjoyed different scents around me.

I love my hand cream, for example, a shea butter cream with a nice scent. I had not hesitated to purchase it even though it was above my budget (around $7) because of its she butter (a great moisturizer). I have had it for around 6 months now and the way it looks, it will be with me, serving me for another year or so.

Another example is my teas – I have been drinking herbal tea, mostly mint or ginger lemon, with lemon juice and honey lately. The citrus together with the teas always smell nice and drinking them makes me feel nourished. Since ginger-lemon tea was my latest favorite, the other day I purchased a brand I was not familiar with. To tell you the truth while it was on sale and very affordable, it is not the same as the brand I drank earlier.

That makes me think that next time I may try new brands but I should not continue with this brand, even it is on sale. An extra $1 dollar would make my tea experience a lot better. I explored, I learnt, and I am moving on.

The last example I will give is my hand soaps. they are too with shea butter and smells awesome. I bought a pack of 4 the other day and I was happy to purchase them. The scent it leaves on my hands are lovely and even for a second they make me grateful for them specifically.

if you are having these kind of experiences, you may want to consider continuing. Life is really short and an additional $1 or $3 here and there, for items costing a little bit more than other alternative products, such as hand cream, soap, or teas, that last longer than one week of regular use, is well worth their prices.

Go enjoy your life with little things that help you get such positive experiences 🙂


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