I am lucky

Today is the second time I participated in yoga/stretching classes.

What a blessing! 🙂

I could not be happier and prouder of myself to have tried, explored, benefited, and liked these sessions!

I am so lucky; last year I had tried these classes as a new year’s resolution and had attended for a full month. After that I either got too busy with work or could not afford them.

This year, even though I was still hesitant due to its monthly fee ($100), I re-started them. New Year resolution? I am not sure. Not directly. I rather wanted to have things I liked in my life and this was on top of my list. So, here I am.

I am so lucky that the studio is  5 min away from my home – so rain, snow, or shine does not matter.

I am lucky that there are late-evening classes – so I do not need to rush back from my office to attend the classes or forced to take the classes in the morning or something.

I am lucky that every day there are classes, including the weekends, when my daily schedule is even more permissive.

I am lucky that there are different instructors that train us – I have some favorite ones that are kind, explain things well, and most importantly, contribute to the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere by their low but clear voices.

I am lucky that I like the building and the rooms; their colors, lighting, temperature (pretty warm and comfortable), and the clean floors.

I am lucky that my mind fully relaxes and empties when I am there. That is so surprising for me. How awesome 🙂

I am lucky that the stretching poses work for my body – I feel my muscles more than before and I am happy to notice my muscles again.

I am lucky that my lower back and shoulders benefit from all the stretches, not to count my legs, arms, neck, and upper back.

I am lucky that I have time and interest to keep going.

I am lucky that I have money to attend these classes.

I am lucky that it is my ME TIME. Mine and mine only – no work, no thoughts, no stress, no worries.

I am lucky that I have prioritized the well-being of my body and my mind at the same time by deciding to attend these classes.


I hope you have such things in life that makes you feel lucky! Good about yourself! Good about your life!

4 thoughts on “I am lucky

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  1. I did yoga after finishing treatments and it felt so good. However, I stopped. I might try to go back this year, but boy do I need some stretching!! My muscles need to be awaken. Right now I am taking therapy for my hips (sigh). Hopefully I will be strong enough to exercise after I am done. I pray this therapy works so I won’t need an MRI. I hate MRIs!

    Enjoy your classes!

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    1. I hope you hip treatment will be successful and you absolutely will need no MRI (I had one or two myself – is it the one with the narrow tube that makes you feel like trapped? I hate that, arggghh!! in my case doctors had put some kind of mirror system in front of my eyes that made me see the ahead so it was much easier to bear – come to think about it I was lucky again…). anyways, those deep stretches are amazing; after 3 days I feel so much better. I am happy and excited about integrating stretching in my life, wishing you the same when the right time comes 🙂


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