A Clash of Kings; a slow, slow reading

I have known writing and finishing a piece would be a slow, trying, and often tiring meticulous process, but reading a book?

A Clash of Kings, the 2nd book of George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series turned out to be just the one book that does this to me.

I want to read but it takes hours for me to split open its pages to start reading. And after hours of deliberation and effort, I read one chapter or so without feeling the thirst to keep going.

Visiting youtube or the internet to remember who the characters the book mentions were does not help, either. As a matter of fact, it makes me more attracted to the clips of the show more than the book; I have no problem keep watching them or read about the fan opinions on the net.

Why I wonder I have little motivation or interest to read the book. Why?

I am a book lover myself. I can read. And I love to read. And I am so interested in everything these books will tell me, which were not reflected in the HBO series.

I read a couple of reviews of this book, which naturally differ in opinion; some loved it and some like me are finding it as a hard or slow reading. I really would like to read the entire series as soon as possible; hopefully before Season 6 starts in April. Then there will be many spoilers on the net that I will be attracted to read. I would love to know the entire story of the first 5 books till then. Especially the  developments of characters Jaime Lannister and Arya Stark.

Maybe it is not the right time for me; maybe I have more interesting or urgent things to do with my time; maybe I am just cursed by the GoT – seeing the show earlier made me less interested in it; maybe the show is easier to grasp (there can be some truth to that; the book gives so many details of an unknown world and so many different characters which may be hard to conceptualize if one is not familiar with it); maybe I just need to be patient, change my mindset, stop forcing or expecting me to read the books at once.

Maybe it is because I already have favorite characters and characters whose POVs I cannot wait to read; maybe this is the reason that I cannot find in myself the interest to go thru each of the POV chapters.

GRRM: I wished you have not invoked this kind of conflicts and difficulties in me as a reader; the fact that your stories and characters already are making me think and re-evaluate things in life, like choices or love or duty, my thoughts are already challenged, already transforming. Tiring and influential at the same time. I want to say well done, but a girl is a little bit tired, a little bit mesmerized, and a little bit pissed off as a result.




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  1. I am also reading the second book again. Although I read the first four books over 10years ago, I am enjoying the read again but I have to admit I am skimming over the chapters of the characters I care less about as I already know what happens! I want to read The series again before the next season too!

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  2. I couldn’t put these books down and once I read the last one, I felt so lost and alone. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. Then, I started on the TV series thinking I would hate it but the total opposite happened, I loved it!! I hope you get the ‘bug’ and, like me, will be unable to put it down, count the minutes until you can pick it up again.
    Great post.

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  3. Hi, I’m (trying) reading this book at the moment and feeting exactly the same as you. I thought it was hard to go forward because English is my second language?! I saw the 2nd series of TV so it should be easier but … no, takes ages for me. I might give up the idea of reading all of this series.

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    1. Hi, English is my second language too. But i am sure you have read other books in English like myself, and I feel like it is more than that. I am not sure what that is but looking at others’ comments I think this particular book seems to create such an impression on many people. perhaps we should keep reading it (I really am trying to keep going) all the best 🙂

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      1. Yes, I love reading both in Japanese and English. When I reading Prologue I thought I’d never finish the book. It is about Stannis. Reading about boring person is … boring. I don’t mean the story was boring but the things about him does not excite me. Now I am nearly reaching to the half way of this book. Yay! I like Tyrion. I can see the author loves this character and writes about him with a great care. 🙂

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        1. Stannis is indeed a boring character…. the only time I admired him is when he attacked the King’s Landing; at the show he was the first one to land out of the ships, one of the first to go up the city walls, and the last one to give up the fight. That is admirable. Yet, it is over. And I agree with you – Tyrion seems to be the love child of the author; what a magnificent character who is awesome to read and watch (in the show the actor does an excellent job).
          it looks like we both now are determined the read this book 🙂 all the best!

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  4. I know that this particularly book is considered slower reading when compared to the first book or the third one (which everyone agrees was Just The Best) but I recommend that you hang in there. There’s a lot of story that was excised from the book for the second season of the show, and I kind of miss them.

    (Mostly it’s stuff going on with Tyrion.)

    If you need me to root for you, let me know. GO GO! READ THAT BOOK! YAY TEAM! (Don’t worry, I won’t be mad if you don’t like it as much as the show.)

    Can you give me a hint what part of the book you’re in?

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    1. Patrick; you gave me hope and motivation to keep going – thanks! I sure will read all the books, but it is the speed that frustrated me. But if you and others are saying that this book has generally such an effect on the readers, then that relaxes me a little bit.

      I am also intrigued by the fact that you mentioned about many details/stories left aside in the show – that makes it more interesting now. As a matter of fact, I think I had missed the Lightbringer in the show for some reason (was it mentioned in the show?).

      I am on the 1st chapter of the disgusting (or poor?) Theon character; right after Melisandre made all the wooden seven gods burnt and Stannis took the burning sword; Arya traveling with Yoren and others to the Wall; Tyrion pissed of Janos Slynt, and Jon is preparing to go to the other side of the wall with others. Rather the beginning of the book I am afraid 🙂 But I am pleased to see the high number of Tyrion chapters myself – it is always fun to read about Tyrion 🙂

      have a great day and thanks for the motivation! 🙂

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    2. Thanks for mentioning that the third book is the Best one. I am also becoming a little tired of the slow reading on this book at the moment and was thinking whether I should stop reading the rest of the series. You probably changed my mind. Cheers!

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  5. I’m all caught up on the show but finally decided to start reading the books on vacation! I’m almost done the first book and although I’m finding it harder to find time to read now that I’m back from vacation, I do have to say that I’m kind of glad I watched the show first… really helps me visualize all the things they’re talking about! Especially every time they talk about Tyrion waddling LOL

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    1. ah ha! I think the same way; it would be otherwise to remember the characters and visualize the cities and such. Tyrion is fantastic – both in the book and the show – the actor does an amazing job. my favorite character 🙂 I have started the second book, a clash of kings, which is a slow reading for me. yet I will read it eventually 🙂


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