breaking the routine, jan 17, 2016

I was shopping yesterday at the grocery store and just to kill some time, I decided to go thru shelves that I  usually would not visit – the shelves with organic stuff. There I have seen almond milk (unsweetened), which was on sale. Since my doctor had suggested almond, soya or regular milk as a calcium and vitamin D supplement for me, I decided to give it a try (my first time trying it).

I must say it is a beauty! Very smooth and filling kind of milk. The calcium and vitamin D levels are comparable to cow milk, even a little bit higher. The other difference is the protein contents, which is in fact less in almond milk than the cow milk. This is not desirable for me, as I usually would not consume meat and meat products daily and thus I would appreciate protein from the milk, but that also means that the calories per serving is much less in almond milk than the regular skim milk.

I give almond milk a 8 out of 10 and am happy to consume more in future.

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