stretching class tonite

So I went to participate in the yoga class this evening, which is in effect a stretching class. I was over-protective of my back but to my surprise, my back felt and did just perfect.

Almost each of the classes, I come to realize something, come up with a great idea, or just find myself smile.

Rarely, tears go down and tonite was one of these sessions.

I was not upset, sad, or depressed. In contrast, the reason tears came down was this genuine appreciation of connecting with my body.

See, these classes make me think about my body, like my back, shoulders, legs, hips, face, hands, or wherever we are trying to stretch. The instructor also guides us and mentions about our internal organs (how they are massaged by some of the stretches or poses), which made me think and feel the most precious love for my heart and lungs tonite.

I also have the chance to see my feet in these classes (always wearing socks except in these classes) and I happen to have that precious, genuine, and sincere love for them, too; their shape… the fingers…the toes… the nails… the skin… the way they are designed… the way they move…the way they differ from each other… I just love seeing them and feeling this love.

Realizing,.. no, remembering the existence of my body, seeing and feeling it, and connecting with it were what create these overwhelming feelings and the reason of my tears of joy tonite.

When did I get so unconnected to my own body, which has been working so well all these years, defining me in so many different ways, and making me an alive and well functioning organism?

If you could find a chance today or tomorrow or the days after tomorrow, take a minute to connect to your body and your organs; listen it, feel it, watch it, admire it, love it.



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  1. I am familiar with the feeling you describe! There’s something magical about reconnecting with one’s body. This happened to me after finishing treatments for my cancer. It was as if we were having some sort of ceremony. The realization that my body remained intact after all the chemicals it has been exposed to. This made me realize how amazing my body is and that we should return the favor by finding ways to keep it strong and reconnecting. Our bodies do a lot for us.

    Glad you are experiencing these emotions. Enjoy!

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    1. thanks Rebecca – I always loved some sorts of exercise (not all exercises), and stretching and just sitting and relaxing. I cannot do it at home for some reason and it is interesting to me. nevertheless I am grateful that I have this studio close to my home and that I can afford the classes. would love to keep doing this 🙂

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        1. wow – an hour everyday! that is a long time for lazy people like me but you seem to be taking it really well and benefiting as well. I am awed! good job and I hope your hip will heal very soon 🙂


          1. Thank you! It is very hard because I haven’t exercised for 4 years — I am embarrassed to even say it. I do bike every summer for hours but not much stretching at all. It’s time to give back…to my body.

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