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We ended up having 20-30 cms of snow overnight. While the street was very quiet in the morning and the cars were remaining where they were, to my surprise it was not a snow day, and off to work I went 🙂

It was a good day, full of nice coffee, conversations, productive meeting, and some work done. I left the office afternoon for an off-site meeting and I managed to walk in the streets. I could not help bu notice the snow banks along the streets. The height of the snow banks time to time gets quite high and I keep wonder why the city does not try to find a way to remove the banks… For us, it is a regular sight in winter; they are white and fluffy at the beginning and after a while get harder and turn their colour to gray… Stuck with all the dirt they can get in the streets – this is when it becomes a particularly annoying sight.

My prediction is that these snow banks will remain until the end of march, refreshed by new snow that we expect in the coming weeks. Unless we are hit by extensive rain of course.

Nevertheless, it is good that we passed mid January now. While our winter well spreads across April and sometime May as well, I know over time its effects will lessen. In April we should get more sunlight and in May the nature starts to bloom…. what an exciting feeling it is to see that – cannot wait 🙂

I am re-starting my yoga classes this evening; I hope to relax both my mind and my body. Especially my back, which has been aching in the last one week. I will take it easy for a couple of sessions and after that I hope to have a stronger feeling back. I am looking forward to that. I am also supposed to start physiotherapy sometime; it should also help me to prevent further damage to my lower back.

One thing I have not developed a solution for is the way I sit at home. Since I love to sit on my couch, I hardly have a straight posture. I may want to move on the recliner again, which has a stronger support for my back and shoulders. Without this kind of improvements, I cannot expect to help my own back by attending yoga or physiotherapy sessions. That would be silly really. So I better start being wise about my posture and give it a priority.

That is what it is so far. I wish everyone a great, relaxing, and lovely evening and night 🙂

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  1. that’s lot of snow overnight! i’m regretting the 3-4 inches we are to get. At least, however, when we get snow it has warmed up from yesterday’s sunny, still 8F to today’s high of 18, albeit cloudy, windy, and gray skies.

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    1. hah ha 🙂 we get a LOT of snow, every year though the last 2 winters were the most snow I have seen. we are not sure yet whether this winter will be a harsh one (hoping not). it is not cold here; it is around 20 F ( – 1 Celcius), which is weird – a lot of people who hears about the amount of snow we get think that it should be really cold – it is not, which is great. Gray skies are the worst – i used to live in Toronto which would get way colder than where I am but always had blue and open sky – I loved it there.

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    1. yes I think the cost is the reason. a few years back the city had budget to remove the snow banks from the downtown area; not anymore. it is ugly and unsafe (as pedestrians need to walk on the road as there is no sidewalk now available for their walk).. you are lucky! 🙂

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