heart-break nostalgia

I do not know why but in the last week I have been thinking about my latest heartbreaker quite intensely.

The nights are the worst; why do I experience this? Do I not make myself tired, amused with life, or busy enough?

Nights have always been my favorite time of the day. Quiet, peaceful, relaxing, and all mine…

Not lately.

Lately, he has been in my mind. The bitterness, annoyance, rejection, and pain, all of them, seem to have lifted all of a sudden. I care about him as much as before. I am smitten all over again.

I swear I did not see that coming.

“…I will not walk with you on the same path again

You put traps for those who walk with you..”


3 thoughts on “heart-break nostalgia

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  1. I have my moments too and they can be bad. Mostly about my family situation and all the emotional pain I have. Some cuts take longer to heal I guess. And part of that healing process involves remembering with pain, and then eventually, remembering without feeling any time. I hope today is a better day for you.

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    1. it is better today Rebecca 🙂 part of being human and having a heart. Well, I am not resisting my feelings now; this is not the first time I have gone thru this. The same with you – you know after a while it will pass. I hope you are having a great weekend. By the way, did you guys get lots of snow yesterday and today? Hope all is well and you will find a chance to build the cutiest snow man or the snow lady ever! 🙂

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