weekly budget check

I experimented with my expenses this week to see whether in case I need it, I can limit my expenses to essential grocery only.

Looks like it is possible – I have done the smallest expense this week in the last 7 years.

My total expense this week was $57.25, including $4.5 coffee/bagel and $10.50 for cab in one morning. The rest was grocery.

It is exciting for me to know that time to time I can really limit my expenses while not limiting my food or well-being. I feel more abundant than before now.

Fun funds saved this week: $120 weekly allowance – $ 57.25 expenses = $62.75 🙂

Total fun funds accumulated so far in 2016: $133. Tadaaaa 🙂

My fun funds excites me 🙂

Savings from would-be-expenses (expenses I was tempted to but did not, like cab fare + discounts): $179.5.

I know it will not be so good all the time my friends, yet to see these numbers is a blessing.


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  1. I feel as though I could tighten up a tad (e.g. maybe get rid of the $20 personal money per week, lower the $60 grocery or $40 household budget by a bit) … but I do want to leave a bit of wiggle room so that there IS room to accumulate from week to week to save up for more unexpected expenses or things like Mother’s Day/Father’s Day gifts…

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    1. that is a good plan re; there should be room in budget to save. Also I think it is better to feel abundant and able (with a less tight budget) than restricted and out of money (with a very tight budget that is very likely). So what you do is good – keep going 🙂 I just experimented and I can see that I am capable of saving more in case I need more money – that is all. It gives me confidence 🙂

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  2. You are always so good to keep track of all your expenses, no matter how big or small they are. I am going to start keeping track of mine. Something I realize is that every small amount adds up. So it is a good idea to keep an eye out for those small charges too.

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    1. to me it has been an interesting experiment (in addition to being frustrated many times and over-spending etc. 🙂 ) yet, you are right; the small changes over time makes a big difference. and once a small change is done, then other small changes follow (very interesting). so eventually many small changes = big, sizable differences. I hope you too will have a positive experience Rebecca 🙂

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