today’s bit

A nice day I have had.

The weather was so nice today that it felt like Spring. Sky was blue, which is a rare treat here. I left the office early and walked under the blue sky – nothing much could feel as good as this at that moment. I am very grateful.

I found a nice loaf of bread at a store and came home to do some work. Since I was home early I decided to try an early evening yoga class. It turned out the class was fully booked and I was put on a waiting list. I waited 15 minutes hoping that maybe the last person who signed up would not show up and I would attend the class. That is what happened 🙂 It was a great class; the instructor is a young lady with lots of positive energy and great instructive capacity. She is one of my favorites. I have a couple of instructors who are my favorites. I wonder sometimes what makes them my favorite and what makes one or two others not so favorite…

Anyways, you know I get to relax a lot and connect to my body during these classes. In yesterday’s class while sitting on the mat before the class, I put the soles of my two feet together. You know what happened? I loved them together! When was the last time you let two of your feet touch each other? your toes to touch back to back? They are usually separated from each other; why?…. I thought they touching each other was just magnificent. My toes cherished each other and wigged like three years old kids till the start of the class. I felt happy for no reason.

Joy must be this 🙂

And in today’s class, I have experienced something else. Have you heard about “delicious breath” before? I had and I did not know what it was. But in today’s class while breathing deeply and easily through my nose, I felt it for the first time.

What is a delicious breath? Breath that is so thick and full that every cell in your nose feels it; it is smooth like honey and pretty much alive and present…

Have a delicious breath. Have more than one. Come to think about it, have it all the time 🙂

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