weekly budget check

As opposed to last week, I spend almost the entire weekly allowance this week. I also have spent a portion of the “fun funds” and had expenses in the “cleaning products” category (not shown).

Using my fun funds to have a hair cut was fun. Did you know that I could have my hair cut exactly as I wished it only twice in my entire life (!) Twice…. This girl needs a better hair dresser 🙂

But budget-wise overall, it is was a great week:

weekly allowance expenses (grocery, eating out, and transportation): $115

fun funds contribution: $120 – $115 = $5

hair cut (paid thru the fun funds): $55

total fun funds left/accumulated to date: $83

savings from the would-be-expenses (expenses I was tempted to do but did not): $159



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  1. Well done on the savings for would-be expenses! My hair dresser always insists on thinning out my hair even though I always tell her to leave it thick… but at the last moment, she’ll whip out her thinning scissors and say “It’s tooooo thick! I just need to thin it out a little” .. as I cringe. I can’t complain though – never had an awful cut (other than too much thinning), she’s a family friend, and I only pay $20 for a full wash, cut and style.

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    1. you are lucky to have such a family friend 🙂 interesting you mentioned about thinning the hair; this time for the first time my hair dresser offered to thin it out and I welcomed it 🙂 I have very thick and currently short hair; it suits me better 🙂

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