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I am at my favorite cafe now. It is beautiful outside, bright and with clear sky. I love this kind of days, which is quite rare in my city. This day is to be enjoyed.

Despite going to bed late, I managed to get up not too late. I like this as it gives me enough time to go ahead my usual Saturday routine; breakfast in the morning, cleaning my house, calling family and friends, light work if needed, and then enjoying my day and night. Whether it is reading a book, watching a movie, or reflecting on life and experiences.

The reason for going to bed late in the last 2 weeks or so is that I have been watching a TV series where love is the main theme; love of parents towards children, romantic love, love between the siblings and friends. The male character of the romantic love part loves the girl so much that it gives me the chills the majority of the time; I myself have never seen a man who loves a woman this way.

I keep wondering why. Is it because it rarely happens in life or is it because I did not pay much of an attention to this before?

Does the composition of love differ between male and female? Are there different (sets of) elements to it that once gathered all together, help women or men to develop love for someone? For example, how important is trust? physical appearance? social status? family or friends? education and civility? kindness, humility, and goodness? the past? the future? experiences? limitations/strengths? wealth? ability to care, to have both silly and serious conversations together, or to be able to just sit together in silence and being okay, or better yet, enjoying it?

One of my friends had told me once that “it is easier for woman to love“. I do not know about it (too much of a generalization), but going back to the original reason for writing this post, I have never seen a man loving a woman more than she does love him. That tells me maybe the behavior is different between the men and women; women are easier to show love yet for men it may not be so.

I really do not know. But this is something interesting to think about.



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  1. I think one leads to the next to make a successful relationship…perhaps looks to start the process…beauty is in the eye of the beholder…what I mean is thank god we don’t all find the same person attractive…then it progresses from there

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  2. I’ve heard multiple times that relationships work best when the man loves the woman just a tiny bit more! I don’t know how you would quantify that kind of thing but I totally believe that lol! Or maybe when the man realizes he needs the woman more….

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