the eye contact

I am watching a TV programme (as usual…) and there is that lady that likes a man and accidentally (!) hits the guy to meet. As soon she hits him, she makes an incredible eye contact and gets the attention of man.

Now, why am I telling you this?

I do not believe in love at first sight (sorry…). But I once had such an intense eye contact with someone who I almost hit with my shopping cart at a store. I can say it was really interesting and I to date remember that experience. What I found interesting about it was that I looked at his eyes to make sure he was okay; I was to almost apologize. But this did not happen. In fact, by looking at his eyes the man had felt like someone I knew or as if I knew him for a very long time. That surprised me and we kept looking. I guess we were comfortable looking at each others’ eyes.

Was it a connection? Is that what it is? Or what was it?

Well of course, our story did end there. But I kept wondering….


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  1. I like this story. You reminded me of this one time in college, where I had the biggest crush on a guy. It was a large class (in an auditorium). I saw him enter the room and my heart stopped. Then days later the professor decided to sit everyone in alpha order (by last name). GUESS WHO SAT NEXT TO ME? Yup. The same guy. Here’s the weird thing. My last name starts with an “M” and his starts with an “L”…hmmm. Anyway, I had so much garlic the night before lol. I could not speak because I still smelled like garlic. I know because someone told me lol. However, we eventually spoke. And eventually dated.

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    1. wow! this is such a romantic story, despite the garlic part (I love garlic; it should be considered a nice scent, not a horrible one. For one, it increases the appetite and it is such a healthy/nutritious thing. I think we all should consume it every day. then this garlic smell thing would not be a socially awkward thing…)


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