back pain

Pulled my back again this morning for no apparent reason – this is why it is particularly scary… No apparent reason. No twisting. No slipping/skidding. No lifting heavy objects. No nothing. Just like that I pulled it and the incapacitating pain came back.

I had a very bad episode a month ago and I had ended up in the emergency. With medication and rest as well as light walking and stretching in 8 days or so all the pain had gone. My doctor had prescribed physio-therapy which I had not made an appointment till out of laziness or carelessness. Lessons learnt – never show carelessness when comes to your health.

I made an appointment with a nearby physiotherapy place this noon and I will go there twice a week until I get some kind of relief. In the mean time, I was recommended to take breaks every 30 min and stretch. I am of course on painkiller and muscle relaxant, too.

I really do not appreciate myself not being careful. This has been finally my eye-opener. I not only sit at the office for hours but also at home. Home is worse, as I sit with a very poor posture on the couch for many hours…. I knew it was not good, especially yesterday when I had experienced some kind of pain and inflammation due to sitting so long. Thankfully I came up with the idea of walking yesterday, which had helped. But obviously it only delayed the coming problem, rather than curing it.

I do not want to have a chronic problem with serous pain or disability. From today on, I will not only have physiotherapy, but also do stretching and and exercise good posture. That also means I need a firmer chair at home to sit on – no more couch.

My “normal” days are over and if I do want to be healthy, I will have to show care to my body.

You do that, too.


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  1. My husband hurt his back once just making the bed, he tossed (can’t think of the right word for it…) the blanket up so that it would cover the bed and he had sudden back pain. So you just never know when it might strike! I hurt my back a few times but it was a more obvious cause (lifting stuff that was too heavy for too long) – lesson learned.

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  2. Looks like we are on the same page when it comes to the back. This past Sunday I was getting out of the shower and hurt mine. All I did was lift my leg to get out and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. Lost complete feeling from the waist down.

    Anyway, enough about my back. You take care of yourself and get better soon! ☺

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  3. Please do the stretches. So important. I’ve been having awful pains on my back for a long time. They come and go. I went through something similar to what you described. I also ended up in ER. I was carrying heavy boxes at work. I could not breathe because it was hurting me to do that. I was given muscle relaxers – loved them! – and felt better. Then last year had to go for PT.

    Good luck keeping up with the exercises. I wish you luck! Feel better.

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    1. thanks Rebecca. I get some relief from stretching so they are integrated into my life now. PT is going well too yet as I mentioned in one of my posts yesterday I am not sure how effective it is. My therapist basically places an equipment on my back that heats up and radiates some kind of electrical current on my back for 20 min. That is almost the only thing she does. So not sure what is going on or whether it is worth my time. I will continue for a couple of more weeks and then switch to massage.


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