I finally replaced my toothpaste with a new one.

The tube was almost empty for a very long time; yet each time I squeezed it, it delivered. It is like the tiny tube had a magic power.

While I was annoyed to squeeze it tight each time and hope that it would be the last time I gotta do that, I am nevertheless happy that I did not waste the paste. Good job! 🙂



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  1. I understand! While living in the D.R. we placed the plastic under a racking chair and got the last bit out of there. And as if this wasn’t enough, we then opened it up and picked up any left over tooth paste there was, hahaha! Good times.

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    1. :))) that made me laugh so hard!! you know what? I believe in you – there is always so much left in the bottles/tubes. It is like a curse. I am determined to limit my waste so I am doing it with everything I have, but man, these tubes give me a hard time and try my patience each day :))


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