yet another snow day

Yet another snow day today 🙂

Looks like we have had around 25 cms of snow overnight. I did some shoveling without hurting my back and opened a narrow passage from the steps of my house to the street. It is so tiny that I am but laughing when I see or think about it 🙂

I used to enjoy the snow days years ago; I used to work much harder (always at the office) and that is why I would appreciate a day away from the office and working with the comfort my home would offer me. Or watch a movie or something. It was truly an “off day” back then.

I am working at home today, too, knowing that both my back problem and the snow days are delaying my work. My performance has been going well and I am very pleased with this. I hope to have some time off from working in the evening.

Since I cannot sit on my couch just yet (because of my back pain), my only discomfort now is sitting on a chair. I am looking for sturdy chairs online. When I find a good and supportive one (i.e. supportive to my back), I will buy right away. That is somehow making me sad as I really loved snuggling on my couch with my blanket and computer. Alas, it is time to find a healthier option.

Stay safe and warm 🙂


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  1. Be careful with the snow shoveling, especially with your back. I hope your physiotheraphy helps it feel better and stretching is definitely a good thing but be careful with that too! Hope you continue to heal and feel better! 🙂

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    1. thanks a lot Deb. I was very hesitant to shovel but honestly it was 50 cms of snow between me and the street; I tried walking off it, which resulted in me sinking right into it :)) it was funny and silly and I laughed a lot at my silliness, but decided to slowly shovel that tiny passage anyways. My back feels better today but I know it can go bad again anytime, so hoping exercises I was given to and the physiotherapy over the long run will prevent further damage 🙂

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      1. I hope so too! Well I’m glad you had fun playing in the snow 😉 and probably shoveling was the best thing to do so you didn’t hurt yourself each time you had to drudge through it if you hadn’t shoveled!

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