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It snowed so lovely today I wished all of you had seen it (yes, even those who live in warm climates). There is something nice about seeing the sky white, the large snow flakes slowly moving down, and the trees covered in soft snow….

I realized today that it has been years, if not decades, that I actually made a snow ball in my hand. I have tried it this evening while walking back home. To my surprise, the snow did not stick and I ended up with only a tiny snow ball (with a diameter of an inch or something) in my hand 🙂

Anyways, snow made it easy to walk on the road; even though there was ice underneath snow (it provides an effective cushion). I came home not feeling bad about my choice of walking this evening.

I did not go to yoga/stretching classes since last friday or something. I hope to get my back pain lessen till next monday, when I will attend a class. I have another physiotherapy section tomorrow afternoon. Hope it will be helpful…

I have a long (3 hours meeting tomorrow), thinking of which makes me tired and bored already. The fact that I called for that meeting does not make it easier. We have some stuff to discuss, which probably will take two or three 3-hours meetings. Man….

This week I do not need to purchase a lot of grocery – I could not consume what I have bought last time yet. Plus, I was planning to eat mostly protein-based food, yet considering that within the first week of such a diet I gained weight, I am dropping it. My pantry has many food awaiting to be consumed.

One other reason I have gained weight lately is that I keep eating at night. I cannot sleep and I find eating helps me get sleepy. Very unhealthy situation. And the reason I cannot go to sleep easily is that I keep watching TV series or movies on my laptop till late, even in my bed, which hyper-activates my mind. I should try to stop that..On the other hand, browsing on the net in bed is actually very enjoyable. Quiet a dilemma I have.




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