affordability of basic needs

I am a devoted reader of finance and savings related blogs. Only once a while I read something that annoys me about saving – all other times I truly enjoy reading, reflecting, learning, and interacting with fellow bloggers.

In my over a year blogging experience, I have experienced this annoyance twice; one a while ago where the blogger suggested that taking a towel from a hotel was one of the craziest frugal thing she or he had done (which, ahem, is not being frugal; it is stealing). And another one was a post I read yesterday about re-usable hygienic pads for females. This second one annoys me not because I think there is something wrong with it (if someone cannot afford the disposable hygienic pads or other means, that can be the only option for this fellow blogger. So I understand).

Yes I understand, but do you know what bothers me about this? The lack of enough support for females to even have easy and affordable access to such a basic need. Disposable hygienic pads (or others like tampons) are needs; they are essential; they are needed on a regular basis. And as their names imply, they are needed for hygienic and health reasons. They are good for everyone, particularly for the women who use and need them.

I understand and I even remember myself the re-usable hygienic pads; the disposable ones became available only recently in the human history. We contemporary females are really lucky to have this option. But it still breaks my heart that some of us out there still cannot afford and are dependent on re-usable pads for themselves.

If it, the menstruation, was not a taboo, I am sure we now would include disposable pads in give-aways to people who are in need of financial assistance. I hope some of us do that.


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