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There is something nice about finding in myself the right to fully enjoy this evening and night after a highly productive work day 🙂

I love such days; during the day energy and effort is needed but eventually somethings are taken care of and that creates an incredible satisfaction. Especially if they are lingering tasks (which I have many in the last one year or so) or critical and with positive outcomes. These days should be celebrated to acknowledge and reinforce the satisfaction coming out of hard or long work! 🙂

I have an assistant who does wonders. She is young, smart, careful, enthusiastic, and positive and I love working with her. She has been helping and facilitating many difficult tasks that I have been having a hard time to start with or focus on. Thanks to her, two of the difficult tasks are moving now. One was particularly bothering me but today together with her we had a breakthrough. Priceless…..

I am one lucky boss 🙂




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    1. well, maybe she or he does love working with you? I worked with many people and I believe none of my bosses loved working with me (I am kind of difficult to work with; an introvert; too much attention to detail; insistent on high quality work and not tolerant to mistakes, including hers; very ambitious and thus easy to frustrate; highly independent and thus will not work well with others 🙂 ) . And a number of people worked with me and I guess many was not very fond of me, though career and workwise I have always developed and uplifted everyone who worked with me. I am not pleasant but fair and useful. Anyways, my assistant and I seem to be a match; she says that I am the best boss she has ever had and I believe in her. Obviously (and she knows that too) that she is the best assistant I have worked with. I am really so lucky to be working with her..

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      1. I am an introvert, I tend to lack self esteem amongst other qualities I shouldn’t really admit on here incase potential employers are watching 😂… I think there’s a real culture of advertising your strengths (to get far) going on in the employment world and this is where I always go wrong. I grew up in a culture where downplaying your strengths was considered ‘modest’ so this is why I can’t ‘show off’ at work if you like. I know my boss dislikes lack of confidence a lot and I have that. It sucks but I can’t undo it. I compensate for it by being hard working, I guess. I dunno if that made sense 😅

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        1. it makes perfect sense to me as I am also a modest person and do not like showing up my strengths. I also do not appreciate/like people who are all shows but when comes to performance or reliability fails miserably. I look for the quality of the work and dedication and reliability more than anything else. Many people claimed to be doing awesome, only to find out this is not the case. So what is the point of showing up? Modesty I found can be confused with not having confidence. See whether you also are confusing modesty with lack of confidence. The distinction is pretty tough to see at first, but there is a difference and once you notice it you will not feel the lack of self esteem, rather you will see yourself as someone who is modest but solid, intelligent, able, and bright! give it a try 🙂

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