random thoughts

Another beautiful day 🙂

It is a little bit crispy when compared to yesterday but there is no snow around and walking and being outside is quite a pleasant experience.

I have got breakfast at a cafe and then walked around the streets. One of the streets is where I used to live prior to buying my own house. I had forgotten what a beautiful street it was. The majority of the houses on that street are quite old and they preserve their character. I love this – I love old neighborhoods and the efforts to keep them as they are. Some of the houses, however, were not managed well and seemed in immediate need of renovation. It breaks my heart to see them like this. After all, what we have is a part of our heritage and it is our duty to preserve it for the next generations – let’s hope they will appreciate these as much as we (or some of us) do.

It is also a quiet street and I made a mental note to walk more there. Since it was a pleasure to be in the neighborhood, I stopped by at another cafe I used to frequently go when I lived in that neighborhood. This must the first time I have been to two different cafe at the same morning 🙂 I liked this change and breaking my routine for no reason and with no plan.

It is great to be spontaneous 🙂




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  1. Sounds like you had a very lovely morning! I completely agree with you about preserving the character of old homes. It’s so sad when old places that could be testaments of history just fall into disrepair. So much of history is already gone, seems like everyone would want to keep what’s left.

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      1. So true. Museums are some of my favorite places, but they can’t preserve everything. We live one block east of a historical suburb where many of the old buildings have been preserved, even when they’ve housed different things over the years. It’s nice to see businesses molding themselves to the history of the place, rather than tearing it all down to build a shiny, new, cookie cutter building.

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  2. Sounds like a very lovely morning! I like going to visit my old neighborhood where I grew up once in awhile. One time, the current owner of the house that I grew up in was outside so I asked him if I could see the inside. He looked at me like I was a lunatic and promptly said “NO!!”. I was a little sad.

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    1. whaaaa!!ah, that is sad – what an unfortunate experience. yet I am sure you do well remember that place, yes? our memories are our best friends sometime. I have lived and studied in many different cities/countries and each time I am there I love to go around and remember how I was, what had happened or did not happen. There is something magical about this kind of visits. somehow emotional too. But these places are a part of our lives – it feels great to be there again

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