You know I love the night, way more than the day.

There is something so healing, so peaceful about silence, darkness, and lack of chatters and other people-related distractions (like phone, email etc). Nights are totally “my time”.

In the last one month or so, I started to have the habit of taking my laptop up to my bed and reading and relaxing there. This is quite unusual for me, but it was mostly motivated by the back problem I have had; sitting or lying in bed is easier on my back than sitting on the couch or the chair. At first I was not sure how I would feel about this, but now I am enjoying it very much.

I am often up till 12 pm or so, and even later at the weekends. I do not know whether it is the positive effects of my iron and vitamin D supplementation, but I am feeling less need to sleep (around 7.5 hours rather than 9 hours) and can easily wake up at around 7.30 – 8 am. I do not get up at that time, though. One of my long-time habit is to go back to sleep. I am usually up around 9 am. Then I go to the office. Usually takes me less than 30 min to get dressed, take the bus, and arrive there. I know I am lucky that my job has a flexible schedule and nobody says anything about me not being in the office before 9 am or after 4 pm. I am lucky (I told you I had a great job – it will be so difficult to leave this work).

Anyways, why did I start writing about nights now? I think because I was thinking the daylight savings ending (or starting?) this weekend. Does that mean we will have an extra hour of sleep or not? That I do not know, but I know that we will have more sunlight.

Yay for sunlight! Now, I love the nights but this does not mean I do not love to see the sun. I do. It gives me more energy and positive mood. Overall, sunlight is good for me, good for many people. I am so looking forward to it.

It also signals me that spring is about to come. Well, where I am we can expect snow till May but that is okay. I guess once March is over, the worst part of the winter will be over, too. When there is hope, there is excitement.

They expect a warmer than regular Spring this year. That would be really awesome. Four years ago or so we had a warmer summer here where people would get tans and overall looked happier than other summers. That was one great summer. Hope we can get a warmer than average spring and summer this year.

Hope we can all enjoy them.

Hope I can enjoy them.

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