love by logical reasoning

Can you love something/someone by logical reasoning?

I have been trying this very hard with where I am. There are so many positive sides of being in the city I live and having the job I have (safe city with simple life, great job with meaning and good salary, etc.). No matter how many times I complain about things that annoy me here and having the life that feels like wasted and uninteresting, the moment I start thinking and writing about the positive parts, I realize I am in fact in a good shape.

I only lack passion for being here, that is all.

I know that in relationships too, such things can happen. We can either fall in love with someone with our hearts and passionately, or with our minds with mostly logical reasoning.

Which one is better (if better)?

I do not know.

They say that even when you fall in love with someone with your whole heart, after a while that passionate “love” can end, or be replaced with something less passionate but more “solid”. This kind of tells me that passionate and exciting emotions can be lost after a while. Thus, maybe insisting in wishing to see them continuously present in our lives (or, in my life) is unreasonable.

I lived and worked in other great cities. I literally fell in love with them, but my work and salary were not as good as what I have here. In other words, while I love being in these cities, I could not enjoy my life there because of financial difficulties.

So when I remember these, I feel better. I say “perhaps that is what my trade off is: perhaps what I have right now, the city I live in, and the job I have are logically just perfect for me“.


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  1. For people, it depends on whether you define love as a feeling or an action. I think you can grow to love a place – sometimes you just have to experience it differently or more or in new ways so that you might start to see it in a new light.

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    1. that makes perfect sense. I have grown to love some places and some people over time. it would be nice it did not need an effort (by experiencing in different or new ways) but I think that is what it is with some places or people. Thanks for the comment – I particularly find the first sentence striking.

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      1. Love is definitely interesting. You can choose to love someone whether you feel “in love” or not. It all just depends on how you see it and define it. Then there’s also unconditional love…

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        1. boy, you are making such great points about love! unconditional love… do tell about it. I know it occurs between parents and children, but do you think it can happen as a romantic love too? I always find it intriguing…


          1. Definitely with romantic love. Marriage. I took my marriage vows to love my husband very seriously. I will love him when times are good and when times are bad, when I agree with him and when I disagree with him. Perhaps it won’t always be easy or fun or happy but that doesn’t change my commitment.

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  2. Great post! I often wonder if we become less passionate about something in order to keep us moving forward in life. When we are no longer feel mentally or emotionally stimulated by something, maybe our minds question, “what’s next?” You pose a very interesting question – thank you for sharing.

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    1. thanks for your comment. In fact, I guess you made a great point with “what is next?” question. is it possible that we get easily used to what we wanted passionately and then received/reached at one time? Is it possible that regardless of whether we have got what we wanted, we would always look for something new, something that we would feel passionate for?
      wow… thinking about these made my day now. thanks a lot!


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