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I am somehow exhausted. I blame the hectic diet I have been having lately. I eat much less than what I used to do. This is partly because of the back pain I have had, which prompts me to lie/sit on the bed starting like 7pm every night, as the recliner or the chair are not comfy. Since I am a lazy person, sometime I do not get up and go down to the 1st floor to grab something to eat. As a result, my late night eating is reduced significantly.

This may sound like a positive change, but I am not sure. Considering that I usually do not have breakfast and my lunch is almost always a snack, like canned fish or trail mix, that leaves me with only the dinner as a daily source of nutrition and calories. I am a big girl and I need a lot of calories. More importantly, I should not be too restricting the caloric intake otherwise I believe my body will enter into a starvation mode and will frantically store whatever I eat as fat. That means imbalances in energy metabolisms as well as possible weight gain. Add up to these negative possibilities the feeling of exhaustion I have now, and you realize that something gotta change right away.

My exhaustion may as well be because of the boring work I have done the past few weeks. I have many stuff waiting on my to-do-list, yet I am spending the half of my time to train my team members. I wish that ended soon so that I can take care of my own work. I am mentally bored as a result and that may cause my exhaustion somehow.

Anyways, the good news I went to my bank and increased my biweekly RRSP contribution starting April. That is so cool! 🙂


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  1. Hoping you feel better. I know what it’s like to be mentally and physically exhausted. Mine is a lot dealing with health issues but we just need how to get around obstacles. I do agree with you about the diet though. You are not supposed to skip any meal especially breakfast. That’s what build your fuel for the day. Maybe you are just tired and your body is crying out for the rest or maybe it is because of the recent stuff that has happened in your life and you are emotionally worn out. We are here for you. I love reading your posts.

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    1. you are such a sweet and kind soul – thank you for taking time to write this comment and support me. I shopped this afternoon and I hope to eat better, starting this evening 🙂 i will remember to write what you have written “We are here for you” in case fellow bloggers feel similar way – it is a very powerful statement – thanks for this 🙂

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      1. You are welcome. Glad to hear that you are in better spirits. Sometimes, we just need a little lift- ya know? I believe we can all make a positive difference in other people’s lives- whether it be in real or on cyber space. Have a wonderful day!

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    1. 1) it is so likely, and 2) I am still grieving though this week it has not been very heavy. I am making an effort to eat and eat better lately. yesterday and today I have cooked healthy stuff. I am pleased with this. It will be okay I guess from now on 🙂

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