random thoughts

Feeling a little bit better today. I even went shopping in the afternoon and bought myself food that I knew I would like. I prepared myself some proteins and salad, and that makes me feel a little bit better about myself. I hope to cook healthy meal this long weekend and continue to eat better.

I feel good also because I have done quite a bit of work today. A number of tasks remained, which I will have to take care during the long weekend, but at least I feel like I have done well today; helped three team members with their works; fixed a messy document sent by a colleague of mine (took me around a day to fix that… I am actually a little bit pissed that I had to fix it); drafted a report; and started assessing four other reports. I have an additional 4 assessments to make this weekend for a discussion next week. I am busy but at least things are moving and I have time. Plus, tomorrow is an extra day; I can work without any distraction. i am hopeful after today’s performance and that makes me excited and energetic.

There is so much wind outside. In the morning I thought I would take the cab, but I took the bus nevertheless. I feel proud 🙂

That is all for now – enjoy your long weekend everyone!



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