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Outside looks a lot better compared to the morning. The frozen rain has stopped and the sky is not gray. This is always a much better, more welcomed scenery at this time of the year.

It has been a little bit of a boring day, when I have had all the time at my disposal but not knowing what to do with it. I did not want to shop, I did not want to walk, I did not want to get a hair cut. What did I want?

I am still not sure. I have read a page of my “A Clash of Kings” book. For some reason, I have lost my interest in this book a while ago, as it is a slow going book. The preceding book in the series, “A Game of Thrones” was more fluid, more interesting. Well, the general opinion is that this second book of the series “A Song of Ice and Fire” makes this kind of impression on the reader. OK.

On the positive side I talked with my family and also cooked a nice chicken broth-soup. Chicken broth has a healing power somehow – its smell makes me feel like all will be fine now. Weird. But I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way towards it.

I have another day to fill with activities tomorrow. I may go shopping tomorrow, but it will all be dependent on my mood and the weather. I have a busy week ahead and I am trying to take care of minor stuff as a preparation for the week; this feels good. This always feels good as the lagging tasks always make me stressed. And the best way to reduce the stress is to do something about the stressor. I have got this lesson learnt long time ago.

I was browsing the net yesterday night and I came across the TV series from 1980’s called Remington Steele with Stephanie Zimbalist and Pierce Brosnan at the leading roles. Did you know that there are videos (not the best quality but they make it) of the series on youtube? When I was younger, I had really enjoyed watching this series. I may as well binge watch it today and tomorrow.

have a great weekend everyone 🙂


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  1. Chicken soup is always our go-to for sick days! So I’m sure there’s a general consensus that there’s some sort of healing power 😉

    I also haven’t been able to pick up the 2nd GoT book. Probably because I was able to read the first while on an extended vacation but don’t have that same luxury of time back home…

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    1. so it is a consensus! yes! I do not know what it is but it has something. I wonder whether there is a research about chicken soup…anyways, you and I know that it does work so that must be enough. I remember you had mentioned about getting books from the library (and I remembering correctly?). I am trying again now – once it is finished I can move on with the next in line – that is a motivation now. you have a great day now 🙂

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      1. Wow good memory!!!! Yes, we had gone to the library on 2 separate occasions since being back from Asia… once to look up pregnancy books (not that they’ve helped yet 😦 lol) and the other for healthy recipes!

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