Estate planning…

Boy.. Estate planning seems to be tough.

I have no problem thinking about my own mortality; it is a matter of when, not if, as one of the books says on estate planning that I am reading.

But it is the process, the hard decisions to be made, and finding the right executor or the trust company to execute my future estate plan is.

If you have family members or close friends who can act as an executor of your estate plan/will, then you are lucky.

For me; I have no family here and my friends are rather busy. So I am inclined towards designating a trust company as my executor upon my death.

That means I need to look for alternatives and choose a reliable trust company. Also, I need a lawyer to prepare my initial will.

I have been meaning to do this for many years, but I was scared that if I do have my things in order, I would think subconsciously that I would be ready to die and then die.. What a ridiculous fear, but when I feel it, it feels real. Go figure. It is great that the book I am reading says that many people feel that way and assures that nobody prematurely died after they prepared their wills and estate plans. Peace of find 🙂

I realized today that I have a long way to go and some time and effort to put into this process. But I must start somewhere. Knowing myself who always looks for fast results, this one looks like it will teach me how to be patient.


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  1. Yes mortality is a tough thing to face even though we’re all gonna be there some day. We got our will done through LegalShield once we bought a home and had a baby. Now we have two children. Using that service is more affordable. We saved $1,400 for something we knew we needed but couldn’t afford. Now we’re looking into getting our trust done as well. You said you need a lawyer to do your initial will. Let me know if you wanna learn about LegalShield.


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