random thoughts

Finally it is Friday! 🙂

Man, this week felt so long and now it is completed. I am excited 🙂

I worked well today and then left in the afternoon to shop. I bought food that I hope to consume in the coming week. There were BOGO free deals – felt awesome to stock up shampoo 🙂 And I am glad I did not purchase too many of them as with this usage pattern, I predict that I will not need to buy another bottle before the new year.

By taking advantage of coming home early, I did my weekly house cleaning, too. This saves me time tomorrow, which I plan to spend at a mall shopping and getting my hair done. Again, I am excited.

These excitements feel good after a week that I spent mostly down.

We all deserve a break. Should you have had a similar experience, I hope you too will have opportunities to cheer yourself up this weekend.

cheers everyone 🙂

2 thoughts on “random thoughts

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  1. I am finding it difficult to cheer myself up these days. There are too many problems to deal with. But you’re right, we must make the time to look away from problems and enjoy the moment.

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    1. you have been saying this lately.. I hope nothing serious. The spring is almost here! get a nice pot of flowers just for yourself, or grow a herb. I have been meaning to do these myself, but our spring will only arrive after May (argh…) so I am being patient. But you can do these or something else just for your own enjoyment..

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