fear of death, and the need to change and live

It has been over 6 weeks that my dad has died.

The pain of loss and the regrets I have are one side of the coin.

The other side is about me having faced the reality of death and realized how real and inevitable it is. How lonely and scary it is… And how unknown, how anxiety creating it is.

Death puts life in a different perspective, my friends.

By facing my dad’s death, I also re-faced many things that I have been ignoring for a long time. For example: I ignored my own life by going around my comfort zone, I overly-protected myself, I have not dared what I could that would possibly make me happier. I have failed to change my life in a way that would make me feel complete, excited, joyful, and happy.

These regrets are because I needed to prioritize one way over the other (for instance; working in another country away from my family was a choice that I have made. I have got a great and meaningful job, but the time I spent with the people I care most about is limited… That make me ache now). I now prioritize my financial well-being, which prevents me from moving out of my work, out of the city I live in. Ache.. Ache.. Ache..

But should I continue with these priorities? That is an important question.


By facing my dad’s death, I realized life was precious and transient, and I too will lose it one day. That scares me and feels depressing…. No wonder all these centuries the human as a whole has made the extraordinary effort to find a meaning in life and ways to cope with death.

Not surprisingly, with these depressive thoughts came abroad all my feelings and thoughts that I knew they existed but were ignored anyhow. One though and regret stands out: I have wasted parts of my life and if I do not wake up soon and do something about this, I will continue the rest of my life with this regret.

I usually wake up with this thought in my mind. It is like a daily reminder that this could be just another day that I will continue to miss my life unless I do something about it. And I do not want to miss life anymore.

The problem is: I do not know what to do about it and how to turn things around.

I think about quitting my job time to time (I wrote about it some other time), which I believe will force me to take the necessary steps for a chance of better life. But, having no financial stability and the prospect of financial hardship is a strong deferrant (I wrote about that, too). I can of course find a job first and then quit my work+life here, but for some reason I do not work towards that, either.

I have another option of course, making my life here better. I just do not know how.

I feel stuck.

I over and over come to this same spot. At these times, the only thing I am left with is to believe that everything happens for a reason (eventually for a better outcome) and when it is the time, things start rolling.

I am in the waiting mode right now, but I will be looking for opportunities that can change my life for a better way.



5 thoughts on “fear of death, and the need to change and live

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  1. Dear there!

    Its so good to c ur post again!
    And I wann to share some of my feelings with u today!

    First thing – stay strong n b optimistic!
    I can understand the pain u r going thru ryt now! How it feels not having ur dad around.
    Worst is! Wen we see others calling n talking to their dad.

    U kno! Everyone has to leave one day!
    Everyone must lose their parents one day!
    We also die one day
    Only the difference is some leave so soon
    Leaving all the memories n pains!

    So dear one!

    We r unlucky when this grief comes to us sooner i n comparison to others!
    Please b strong

    I m sure ur dad is proud of u n will b more proud if u live ur life happily. This will provide him comfort!

    I understand it feels like loosing the reason to live
    N the desires n dreams all fade bcoz of grief n pain in heart n soul

    But trust me! Time is very powerful thing. Though noone can b replaced by the love of dad , but time makes u stronger.

    Stay strong


    Sorry for

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  2. Change is a scary thing! For ~2 years, I felt stuck in my job. I was miserable and my boss was actively trying to get me fired. I was too exhausted most days to apply for any other jobs, and the times I did, nothing worked out. We needed the money to pay for our upcoming wedding, and I was just so stuck.

    Not even 2 months after our wedding, I’d had enough of my boss’ antics and I quit. It was the scariest but best decision of my life! There is no amount of money in the world that is worth feeling like that, being so miserable and stressed that I got physically ill! (I dropped 20 lbs in a very short amount of time due to that!) I took 2.5 months off to rest and relax and to get happy again. In September, I went back to school full time to finish my degree and finished up the following August, after which I luckily found a job that pays even better than my previous one!

    We got into a little bit of debt with me not working for about a year and a half but it’ll be gone in a few months and would have been entirely worth it.

    Sometimes, you just have to take the first step to feel unstuck! 🙂

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  3. You know…this may be simplistic….but in light of everything you have said…go with a leap of faith and do what you want to do. I think you are on the cusp of an emotional growth spurt!!!

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