weekly budget check

Today is Thursday, the end of my weekly budget week. Here is how I have done within the last week:

Weekly allowance spending (transportation, grocery, breakfasts, eating out etc.): $62 (which is pretty awesome…)

Fun funds collected this week: $120 – $62 = $58

Fun funds left/accumulated so far: $94

Extra expenses: $65 (medication and donations)

Savings from would-be-expenses (expenses I was tempted to do but did not do, or the discounts I utilized): $145

Overall, feeling good 🙂

This budget really works for me, yet I should be eating better. I must aim for buying more grocery/food and cooking healthy meal at home. That is important. In the last 2 months or so, I am not cooking at all and the food I consume is usually not veggie-based. This cannot be too good. So time to eat better! 🙂


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  1. wow I am loving your weekly spending allowance amount. only $62, that is amazing. i wish that could me the same where I live. things are crazy expensive here, its so annoying. Is it the same way for you and where you live? Well done on an awesome budget week.

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    1. it is very expensive here as the majority of the grocer and food come from other provinces. The only reasons that my allowance expenses are low are because a) I do not eat a variety of veggies for sometime now (which are really expensive), and b) I have “other expenses” category for anything from cleaning products to gifts/donations. But nevertheless it is good that I am not over-spending and keeping the money as much as possible 🙂

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