on death and life

Prince has died a couple of days ago. May he rest in peace.

I have been thinking about death and life again since then. I was not a remarkable fan of Prince, not because I did not think he was an influential or great musician, but because I was more interested in other genres. Yet, his sudden death as someone I knew hurt.

Death is a reality. And it is scary. And only at my middle age, I am getting to realize this.

I too can die and will die. We just do not know when. Because I am a middle aged person and because I faced death in reality when my dad died, almost everyday I think that I am getting close to my own death every passing day. I feel a rush, almost an anxiety about this.

Because of this (or, maybe I should say “thanks to this”) I do not want to miss life. I do not want to die just yet. I do not want my mom and my siblings to feel the pain of my death. I do not want to die before I understand what it is the life that I was supposed to have but missed so far, and before I realize what is important in life. Before I relax, enjoy, and get happy with my life.

I am dealing with many little issues, mostly related to work. I am not happy with this. Why would anyone have a life mostly oriented around, shaped by, and focused on work? Where are the life  experiences other than work?  Why do I care about my work that much? Why can I not re-focus my mind?

I do not want to live and die like this.

I must either quit my job and face financial hardship, or change my mind, remain in my position, but reduce my expectations from myself.

There are books to be read, people to be met, places to be visited, words to be said, happiness to be generated, and peace to be made.

I should deal with my insecurities. So what, if people would not think that I was not overly successful? So what, if others would do better than me? So what, if my performance was less bright than others?

None should matter when it is a matter of life and death.

I should matter. Not others.



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  1. I feel very much like you do and like you, my father’s death has impacted the way I live my life. This is why my husband and I have worked out a way to get to simply living faster. We can’t just do it now without intense hardships, but we are working at getting there earlier rather than later. Good journey to you!

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    1. Death is such an eye opener, is it not? Thanks for the support and comment and I wish you and your husband can resume your “living the life” quest asap, be happy and content with your lives 🙂 hope your hardship will resolve soon, too. best 🙂

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  2. I’ve been trying to catch up on blogs from the past two weeks…so I’ve read yours backwards,,,,try an anti depressant! See if it helps…if it doesn’t have them change the prescription until the right one works. I think you may, indeed have some chemical thing going in. I did. It helped. I felt,week that I had to,resort to a pill but it made a difference in my life!

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    1. sounds about right re; my possibly having clinical depression. one of my close friends told me once that we need to break the “weakness” stigma coming with the mental conditions. insulin if not adequate in the body should be taken as a medication. there is no stigma associated with this chemical imbalance. then why is the stigma with the mental diseases? after her talk I understood it better. I am glad you have seeked out and benefited from your treatment 🙂

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