why I decided to make my own bread

From today on, I will make my own bread and unless excruciating circumstances happen, I will not buy another one, especially the toast bread, from stores.

I do not even toast; why did I keep buying them?

I have been elated by the bread I baked yesterday; it turned out to be just fine. I am awed by yeast making all the work in raising the dough and the pleasure coming out of how healthy this bread was… I kept read all bunch of recipes (thank you fellow bloggers out there) and I know I can improvise and create breads just like I would like them to be. Also, I see this as an  opportunity to enjoy my life, at least for now or as long as I have time to bake my breads. What other hobby than baking to feel excited nowadays 🙂

I also made a cost analysis; it is rough but I think it is much more cheaper (not more expensive as I had thought earlier) to bake at home than to buy at stores. What was I doing all these years, buying, eating, and absolutely not enjoying the toast bread?

There is a freedom in this decision. I hope to have time every two weeks to bake my lovely loafs. I really do no like the store breads (except the baguette). So baguette will be one type I will try soon. I am planning to have so many different types, I hope I will not end up eating too much 🙂

The bread I baked yesterday (my first trial) changed me in a very positive way. This morning, I switched from bagel to tea biscuit; the reason was that at the cafe I eat now the coffee is awesome, but bagel is not the best (usually not toasted well, it is served almost cold and even the butter does not melt… come on..). I decided after getting so delighted by my bread experience yesterday that it was enough – I needed to substitute things that did not serve me well anymore. And finally after contemplating and reading many recipes, I have decided that I can make my own bread, many different types all healthy and healing, and get rid of the store bread as well.

I am glad I have had a good experience with my first trial of bread (very motivating); I am glad I have decided to leave the bagel behind and switch to something I rather can enjoy; and I am glad that I could translate this attitude for my feelings toward the store-bought bread and now am determined to leave it behind, too.

Life is good my friends 🙂


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  1. Bread is one of those things I’ve decided to keep buying. At $2 a loaf, the time and effort required to bake bread just isn’t worth it for me! However, having said that, not too long ago, my Grandma mixed some dough for me which I baked at home. We DEVOURED it because it was SOOOO good!!!

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  2. I cook my bread about 4 years. First 3 years I did it manually: 5-10 minutes work the dough, put in a warm place for 2 hours, then give a shape and cook 1 hour; and for the bread sourdough I was cooking next morning. The costs are reduced at a half (I bought a cheap and big quantity flour). To reduce the energy consumption, I started to model small breads (perfect size for a sandwich) or make a baguette, so instead to make 2 breads per week, I was cooking 1 time 25-30 small breads and the extra added in the freezer until the day to eat. I reduced like this the time to make the dough, the time to wash the tools & hands, and the energy to bake (first 1 hour in the oven 2 times per week, then 20mins in the oven once per week).
    About one year I have a bread machine. The decision was difficult, but because we have now a garden and I spend some evenings to work on it so I finished to re-buy sometimes the bread. And I noticed the difference: extra sugar add (I don’t use sugar in my bread, just flour and water), extra chemicals (I am allergic).

    The price is reduced at 1/4: before I spend around 2 euro for a bread, now I spend around 50 cents.
    In plus, I don’t know how you are, but in my family, every time when I pass to the bakery, every one ask a cake, a icecream, a croissant (yep, the french bakeries are killing me with their flavours)

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    1. you sounded like a bread expert! how awesome! I just started my saga and will certainly keep the bread machine in my mind. I have considered in the past. maybe eventually I will move into it too. It is great that you have a garden to work on – enjoy! the croissant and other pastries are my weaknesses, too. I am still not sure about the cost of bread making; I guess I am more concerned about using the oven. not sure how much that costs. But the flour and yeast I should be able to handle well. thanks for dropping by and telling me your bread story! best 🙂


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