weekly budget check

A good week in terms of saving from my weekly allowance, though I have had extra expenses:

Weekly allowance spending (transportation, grocery, breakfasts, eating out etc.): $71

Fun funds collected this week: $120 – $71 = $49

Fun funds left/accumulated so far: $174 (yay!)

Extra expenses: $105; this money was spent to dine out with a good friend and for the cab fare to pick up a gift for someone, who well deserved it. I am aware that it is a significant amount of money, but believe me when I said the enjoyment of these activities is worth the every dollar. One of those times when I sincerely think that “money is not everything”.

Fun funds expenses: $0

Savings from would-be-expenses (expenses I was tempted to do but did not do, or the discounts I used): $171.5

Overall, I remain highly satisfied with my budget and spending habits.

A couple of things are worth noting;

Walking in the morning rather than taking the bus has highly positive effects on me. I am glad the weather is permissive. This morning I had to go to a meeting away from my office and I directly walked there from home. It is a longer route, maybe around 35 min on foot. And after the meeting, I walked to my office, too. This last part is around 20 min. My mood was pretty good during the rest of the day, which makes me excited about walking (I believe a somehow long walk that warms my body and makes me sweat a little bit is also long enough to improve my brain chemistry). Additionally, I felt very proud of myself for not being lazy and taking the cab. Considering the additional $20 saved by just walking these distances makes me even more proud of myself.

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  1. Well I have just started to make some budget changes in an effort to pay down my debt. So far, I have eliminated my $5 a day coffee splurges, cancelled all my $160 hair appointments (colouring at home now), and I am currently selling off unused items I have been carrying around for far too long. Small changes, but I hope they will make a difference. Please do share your tips, you are an inspiration

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    1. these are great ways to save! one thing I could not do so far is to sell the extra stuff I have. you are doing good 🙂 I hope you will reach your financial goals pretty soon. There is something nice about being able to not spend money that you would usually spend. For example, the cab fees that I do save now (by not taking the cabs). I save around 400 bucks each month by not taking the cab. I love knowing this. I bet you have many savings like this. keeping record of savings (not only the debt paid) may help you see how well you in fact are doing 🙂


      1. Wow, $400 a month. Thats incredible, nice work. I just readjusted my debt allocation and saved myself $200 a month that is going straigth to my savings account. Keep writing, you rock!

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