toxic people

It is annoying to have “toxic” people around, be exposed to their “toxic” ideas, behavior, and attitude, and to keep up with their “toxicity”.

I have such a person in my life who is a colleague of mine, who we work closely in some projects, and whom I socialize. Not because I want to regularly socialize with this person, but they invite and I go. It is as simple as this. Yet, there has been no time that something about her attitude, the way she talked about people and their work/performance, or the way she talked about my choices, life, or whatever did not bother me.

I keep up with her because of our work relation, not because of our personal relations. I am okay with that but it is really annoying to be around someone who is constantly tense, aggressive towards other people or opinions, exaggerate her own importance, skills, or whatever.

I decided to reduce my exposure to that person.

I have a life to live and enjoy.

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  1. Good for you. Negative people can really bring a person down. I work with someone very similar to your co-worker. I am pleasant at work to her, but I do not engage in out of office activities with her any longer.

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    1. sounds like a great plan. I cannot fully end our socialization as our work relationship is very important. I will start with reducing our interactions for now. Summer is here; both she and I will be on vacations at different times. this break will naturally help me to reduce the time we spent together. cheers 🙂

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