joy journal – May 21, 2016

I woke up cranky this morning too and I remembered that the best remedy for this feeling was to remember and note things/people/experiences that I was grateful for. I have not been writing my joy journal as frequently as before – will try to write more often 🙂

1. I am grateful for sleeping well and waking up right after 9 am – neither too early nor too late.

2. I am grateful for my morning coffee at the cafe. I did not buy anything to eat this time. I used to buy bagels or, lately, tea biscuits . I realized that I needed neither of them – I had decided not to eat bagels anymore because the bagels of that cafe are not great. I also decided today that my tea biscuits were much better than theirs. So i would either bake for myself or unless I was hungry, I would not put any of these products in my system.

3. I am grateful for spending time in my yard, cutting the grass and cleaning the pieces here and there. Do not get me wrong; I do not like cutting the grass at all. It makes me tired (my arms especially) and I do not enjoy the scent of cut grass. Yet, today was special as it showed me clearly that Spring was here! 🙂 I gotta do this chore for many months now every two weeks, but at least the weather is nice, I get to exercise, and I get exposed to sun. Plus, I get to feel great about seeing all the life forms blooming in my yard 🙂

4. I am grateful for getting motivated to plant some herb seeds tomorrow. I have a small part in my yard suitable for this purpose and I do hope that this year I will see some seeds germinate. Please, please, please! 🙂

5. I am grateful for checking the internet and seeing that I can use my cut grass as a mulch in my yard. i should be buying wood mulch to help shape around my trees and maybe cover an area in the yard where I have unwanted plants growing. I do not know when I can do that but until then, I will look for ways to make my yard look better and my soil nourished.

6. I am grateful for talking to my family and getting recipes. As a matter of fact, I tried a soup recipe by my mom and I must say it was great. I also did something unusual and cooked another healthy dish (very unusual for me to cook two different food at the same day…). I am very happy about these choices I have made today.

7. I am grateful for my first soda bread trial!  It did not look good at all, but, hey, it sure tasted awesome. I am very excited about this trial 🙂

8. I am grateful for trying my first poolish tonite. Poolish is a prefermenter used in baking. I hope it will work out well, as I am planning to try two other small breads tomorrow; one plain and the other with green olives+rosemary. Exciting 🙂

9. I am grateful for doing my laundry and airing the home today. Weather was awesome and warm so it made it an easy job (i.e. no need to adjust the temperatures of each room while the windows were open).

10. I am grateful for doing grocery shopping in the morning. I did not buy a lot of things, but shopping has always had a therapeutic effect on me 🙂

11. I am grateful for relaxing whole day and not thinking about work. It is great to have exciting hobbies such as baking or working in the yard that make me more connected to nature and life. I have been reading a blog today where the blogger defined making bread as helping him to get into a simple life mode….. It really clicked with me – the less commercial and dependent-on-others my daily life is, the better and simple life I feel like having. Do you not think?

12. I am grateful for my home for providing me a shelter, my furniture for giving me comfort, my kitchen items for allowing me to enjoy my life with baking and cooking, and my computer, internet, TV, and cable for making me learn and entertain.

13. I am grateful for being grateful 🙂

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  1. You sure did a great job recording in your joy journal, did it help remove your crankiness? I hope your herb garden grows this year too! Isn’t Spring such a wonderful time of year? Everything starts growing again and turns so green. All the flowers start popping up and it gets warm enough to open the windows and enjoy the fresh air. Good luck with your breads tomorrow and I agree the more you can simplify your life the more you enjoy it! Mowing the grass is not the most exciting thing to do, but you are right it’s great exercise and you get to see all the marvelous things in nature that are taking place in your yard! Hope you wake up filled with joy tomorrow!! xo 🙂

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    1. I feel better when I write my joy journal – otherwise my mind has a tendency to focus on issues rather than celebrating the nice stuff 🙂 my mornings are hardly joyful – I am not sure what causes this. But eventually today was a good day, for which I am grateful 🙂

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      1. What if you were to write in your joy journal before you got out of bed in the morning…jot down a few things of fun that you are going to do that bake breads, or plant herbs, or anything that gives you pleasure. You can write just briefly why you are looking forward to it and why it makes you happy. Then get up and start your day…I’m happy that today turned into a good day for you. Did you bake anything today? 🙂 xo

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        1. good idea 🙂 I noticed though the thoughts I have in the morning are all work related stressful thoughts.. this is one thing I need to focus to change. I have started a “work joy journal” a while ago to make my peace with it 🙂 perhaps that I should write it latest at night so that I can wake up with better feelings. So I will try your suggestion! 🙂

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          1. I know it’s difficult in the morning not to thing about the work day ahead and then that gets you all worked up, it does the same to me. So what I’m doing is I concentrate on the current moment and not allow myself to think ahead. I wake up and thank God for another day and for all the wonderful blessings He is going to bestow upon me. I look outside and appreciate the birds singing, the trees and flowers and the sky, I enjoy my orange juice, I’m grateful to have hot water so I can take a nice shower and be clean, I’m grateful for my toothbrush and paste so that my teeth are cleaned and healthy…so on and so forth. I decide that I have God with me and that He is going to accompany me to work and help me all day and that will make my work day easier. If things start to get overwhelming at work I start to talk to God and say I need your help right now, please come help me and soon I’m feeling better and He makes the situation better. Then I start to think of butterflies or summertime, or even coming home and getting on here so I can talk with you and others and see how everybody’s doing. Another thing that helps me when I start feeling stressed is to think “in the grand scheme of things how important is this really to let it get me so upset” that helps alot too! We’ll work together on getting our mornings to be happy ones and not dreaded ones!!! I know we can do it. xo 🙂

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            1. what a wonderful writing – thanks a lot for this 🙂 I in fact tried to focus on the present this morning, seeing the truth and benefit of what you have suggested, I remember I brushed my teeth and noticing the paste almost done 🙂 I was not fully in the present all the time, but they this is a progress on my side. Being in the present is a hard job but seems to be doable 🙂

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              1. Oh you’re so welcome! Isn’t it amazing how difficult it is to remain in the present moment, you wouldn’t think it would be but it is. Our minds roam everywhere…but you are right it is definitely doable. We must practice at it, but the more we practice the better we get and soon it will become easier and we will benefit from that! Keep up the great work!! 🙂

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