random thoughts

It is a warm and humid day – it started raining in the evening and that feels just like the springs I know. One moment warm and the next moment it slightly cools down with the rain. All is welcome πŸ™‚

I am happy with the work I have done today. I came home in the afternoon to work without distraction and it proved to be a good decision.

I have a new flower bloomed in my yard πŸ™‚Β it is hidden in between the leaves of a kind of large green plant. I did not plant it there, so I am assuming it somehow got in there. I also see many small plants here and there. As soon as I understand what they are i will either plug them out or let them grow. They are kind of under a tree from next door and I am assuming that they are the seeds from that tree that germinated. But I cannot be sure yet – I am wishfully waiting.

It is official that I have a pest problem…. Disgusting….. I found new poops in my kitchen counter that make me want to puke… I am calling the pest control company tomorrow – hopefully they will be able to give me some baits and this problem will be resolved soon. I am pretty much annoyed but then I know that I am doing okay in terms of taking steps: I have sticky bands everywhere, poison in two places, electronic repellents (which I think are not working as I found the poops close to them….), i placed all food in cabinets into glass jars or in the fridge, and I try to show up in the kitchen time to time to make sure that they know they are not the only thing there and behave maybe. … Maybe… I can only hope πŸ™‚ I know this is not a pleasant topic to write about – bear with me. I just feel better facing the issue, that is all.

In contrast to almost all of the mornings in my life, this morning I have got up feeling good…. You know what I think is the reason? I filled my mind with positive thoughts right before I went to bed byΒ writing my joy journal. I am curious to see whether I can replicate this feeling tomorrow and the days after that. If I can see that is the reason, then, my friends, I may have just found the key to happiness and less crankiness πŸ™‚

That would be just awesome πŸ™‚


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  1. Out of curiosity, if there a reason you name a lot of your posts random thoughts instead of a more specific or descriptive title?

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    1. that is a good question. sometimes it is hard to find a coherent topic to my posts :))) in those cases “random thoughts” seem proper. I make an effort to give more specific titles to post the majority of the time, perhaps I should be putting in more effort. how would you title this post?


  2. I would title it “Plants. Pests. Positive Thoughts.” For a long time, I thought all your posts were the same because of the titles! It was a while before I realized they were all different…

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  3. Pests are so annoying. I live in a mobile home, and I get mice every year. My trailer is backed up to a mountain side, so it’s impossible to keep them away. I have to put out traps, poison, and sticky pads to catch the adults before it becomes a problem. Luckily they don’t get into my food. I usually just hear them in my vents. Good luck, and I hope they are gone soon for you πŸ™‚

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    1. thank you so much πŸ™‚ they are really annoying. it is good that I have the pest control company came over today and I have no food around. I hope they will leave soon. last time it took weeks before I could get rid of them. all I can do is to wait now and not having an encounter with one :))))

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