so what is cooking?

Nothing much.

Or, all too many are cooking all at the same time.

I say that because I feel like not doing anything but work is crazy high-speed. Today I learnt that I was invited to give a short presentation at 8 am Monday morning.


Monday morning!!!

You know I am reacting to it but I will do it – hopefully I will be able to get up at the right time 🙂

I have worked on my slides in the afternoon and I guess I have done a good job. I am surprised how unstressed I was along the entire process. Perhaps it is not true that I get stressed when pressured time-wise. Perhaps it is because I see a value in this presentation – it is about a project I have been developing and if I can make a good presentation and get the people interested in it, my efforts will prove to worth all. If I mess?… I do not know. All I can do is to do my best. I have learnt long time ago that everything happens for a reason and if one road is closed, then I will find another one.

Looks like experience creates wisdom and wisdom gives peace of mind. It is good to live and it is good to age with it.


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