things that make me happy

After occasional yet permanent rants of mine about the negativity and tiredness around the issues, work, and other stuff in my life, I have prepared “a list of things that make me happy“.

It is good to remember these as I have a tendency to dwell into negativity. Once I started writing this list, it grew pretty fast. I am very pleased with this activity and reminding myself about all the things I have and I do not have (such as sickness or unsafe conditions).

I must acknowledge the support and motivation by NinaSusan about this activity; her question in a comment to one of my posts drove me to post the list – so appreciated 🙂




working nice and easy and taking care of stuff make me happy

coming up with new ideas makes me happy

recognition of my efforts and projects makes me happy

having a great office with windows, great view, and functional furniture makes me happy

being able to brew my coffee in my office makes me happy

flexibility around my schedule makes me happy

being professional makes me happy

being usually tough when faced with adversary or bad attitude makes me happy

having a great salary and benefits makes me happy

having a small salary increase every year makes me happy

having a relatively stable and respected job makes me happy

training and teaching young professionals makes me happy

being creative and resourceful makes me happy

working with great people makes me happy

being highly productive makes me happy

insisting on good quality work makes me happy



having an awesome, supportive, thoughtful, and loving family makes me happy

these people being safe and sound makes me extra happy



having a yard makes me happy

having a large house with functional rooms and kitchen/bathrooms makes me happy

having minimal and functional furniture makes me happy

having a computer, TV, cable, and internet makes me happy

having many books to enjoy makes me happy

my spices make me happy

having a house with large windows and sunlight exposure makes me happy

being safe makes me happy

living close to downtown makes me happy

being close to my work place makes me happy

being close to bus stops makes me happy

being close to restaurants, second hand bookstore, and grocery shops makes me happy

having an old house, which forced me to save more aggressively, makes me happy



having a  good salary makes me happy

having insurances makes me happy

having a healthy chequeing account (i.e. not negative) makes me happy

having an RRSP account and maximizing it in the last 10 years makes me happy

having a TFSA account as an emergency fund makes me happy

having a retirement plan and investing every year makes me happy

spending much less than before makes me happy

removing two significant costs from my life makes me happy

being abundant makes me happy

having future plans for investment and mortgage payment makes me happy

having cash in my pocket makes me happy

being generous with my friends and people I work with when needed makes me happy

stocking up durable items when they are on sale makes me happy

seeing the positive difference that my budget makes in my finances makes me happy


hobbies, life-style, and others:

coffee makes me happy

baking bread and experimenting with yeast and dough makes me happy

reading and buying books make me happy

peanut butter makes me happy

no food waste policy of mine makes me happy

decluttering makes me happy

shopping makes me happy

spending time with good people makes me happy

watching TV shows or movies makes me happy

listening to music makes me happy

writing makes me happy

reading blogs on interesting topics makes me happy

supportive people/friends/co-workers/bloggers make me happy

walking and sweating makes me happy

eating healthy makes me happy

eating oranges, avocado, water melon, and berries makes me happy

eating carbs makes me happy

having great memories makes me happy

national or international trips makes me happy

being at the airport and leaving everything behind makes me happy

having useful stuff at home and using them till they are worn and thorn makes me happy

using cleaning clothes rather than paper towels makes me happy

nice scents makes me happy

my perfume and hand-soap makes me happy

the scent of my shampoo and conditioner makes me happy

my floss makes me happy

having an adequate amount of clothes makes me happy

my sun-glasses makes me happy

not eating too much and losing, however slowly, and looking better make me happy

my annual vacation with my family makes me happy

resolving issues makes me happy

my pens, notebooks, and scrap papers make me happy

my slippers make me happy

my fluffy socks make me happy

my office snacks make me happy

gifts I receive makes me happy

doing light weight training and seeing my muscles developing makes me happy

having an almost minimalist life-style and furniture makes me happy

sunlight makes me happy

anticipation of the seeds I planted in the yard blooming makes me happy

having a good sleep makes me happy

taking the bus makes me happy

having a nice hair cut makes me happy

my functional purses makes me happy

my loyalty cards and the points I use for useful items make me happy

being kind and helpful makes me happy

my new water jar I use at the office makes me happy

frozen food in my freezer makes me happy

weekends and taking time away from work makes me happy

having no critical disease or condition makes me happy

my nice dentist/doctor makes me happy

my imagination and determination make me happy

my resilience makes me happy



The list is really long 🙂



10 thoughts on “things that make me happy

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  1. It’s a long list indeed! And it’s great that you have so many things that make you happy. But remember, it’s also OK to dwell on things that make you unhappy, because this in itself is healing. It’s not good to keep it all inside. Sometimes it takes longer than we really want to ‘get over things’. And as you are aware, some things are permanent (like dealing with cancer). If you can’t verbally express your frustrations, you can always come here. I guarantee many of us would get it.

    I hope today is a better day. And tomorrow too! xo

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    1. how sweet words 🙂 always a delight to read, reflect, and respond back to you. Frustration is something that I do not handle well or experience frequently. i must have hope that things will work put for me. The problem is my mind is all over the place and I find myself able to focus on a limited number of things at a time. I can prioritize better I guess 🙂 Today has been a better day and I am very grateful for it. Thanks for the support again. best 🙂

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      1. The ones that are already on the flossers? I figured if they make you happy I might as well look into them! Though I do like the floss I use which is Oral-B Glide Floss. The dentist always gives out this really cheap, thin stuff I don’t like so I buy mine at Costco.

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        1. yep – that is the one. I used for many years what the dentist gave me too. I would use a few weeks after the dentist visit and then stop as it is boring and single lines are somehow painful to use. I found the tri-liners are the best as they are sturdy and do an excellent work with little effort. Also the flossers feels more hygienic to me than the string for some reason .. give it a try- I hope you too will love using it 🙂


      1. I remembered that you made the list but couldn’t remember when so I’ve been going down through your blogs and found some I had missed. So do you think writing these Down helps to compact them in your soul. I’ve always had good intentions of doing a gratitude list but have never-gotten-around-to-it! I’m always striving for happiness to…trying to find pure joy. I have years and years of negativity built up from 30 years working 911 and knowing how cruel people can be and my empathy boiling over for victims. It’s a process, I guess.

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        1. wow… I did not know your occupation and how it affected your emotions/life…. Must have been a tough job but also extremely important – so appreciated….. Coming back to my list; I needed to write that list at that time… you know well from my posts that sometime I really focus on the negative and feel terrible… I read that post after your comment and I am surprised how many things are good, useful, or exciting for me. I must continue to write/update that list, to help my mind remember how blessed in fact I am and how many beautiful things there are out there that make my life better, whether I notice them r not… Give it a try and see whether it creates a similar, positive effect on you….I find writing both the positive and the negative things help me – remembering positive things/experiences/feelings enforces “feeling good” and writing negative emotions/memories/worries etc help me see them in reality (rather than in imagination), which often makes them less scary/hurtful than when they are in my mind. 🙂

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