breaking the routine – July 28, 2016


Mostly because of the jet-lag I have, I have been getting up around 7 am this week (which is quite early for a late-night bird like myself).

Upon getting up this morning, honestly I did want to spend time in a nearby cafe rather than going to my office. I contemplated a little bit. I thought it was too early for cafe to open, so I spent time browsing the internet at home.

This is to me quite a change as I for over decades felt bad if I had not left the house in 10 min of getting up….

I loved this change that I willingly experienced this morning….

It tells me that I may be okay with spending time at home in the mornings. I can prepare breakfast for myself, for example, which I have hardly done. At least in the last few decades or so, except on horrible snow storms…..Would that not be nice, friends?

Eventually I got bored and took the bus to office at around 9 am. At that point I was feeling hungry, so I treated myself with a cup of coffee and muffins/tea biscuit. I know… I know… Not the bit of healthiest breakfast, but, hey, it felt good and I am glad that I was not lazy and willingly went to the cafe located at my work-place.

Both of these out-of-routine experiences have been good for me to see that sometimes, I am really relax and can get out of my comfort/boring routine zone.

And can enjoy my moments 🙂

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