kind of tiring day

I am finally about to relax and enjoy my night..

It has been a long day, friends.

Worked till afternoon – it was not busy, so I am not complaining about work today 🙂

It was the house work and the hot-humid day that made me tired.

In short, I did the laundry and cleaned the home, especially the kitchen that has been the favorite of the pests (have I mentioned that we have got one mouse in trap on monday? yuck… yet, at least the old-man mouse trap did its work well. The baits that the pest control company put at different places of the house do not seem to be effective. The smarty mice do not eat them. How smart is that animal? I kinda respect that.. But, I also do not want them in my home. Hopefully it/they are gone, but who knows? – I will be watching…..)

Anyways; cleaning a kitchen in a way that makes me comfortable when there has been a mouse around is not easy. Understandably I have spent hours cleaning everywhere twice or thrice. Until I felt that it was okay to handle food or cook in that kitchen. That explains why I feel tired 🙂

I also took this opportunity and started my new decluttering activity at the kitchen: I found some cutlery and foam plates that have been with me for ever, which will be donated to my work place next Monday. I also shuffled some items that I hardly use (like juicer, blender) and put them in the top cabinet, which I hardly use and was empty. That left some space for other everyday-items at a lower cabinet, which pleases me very much.

I also noticed that I am using one of the cabinets to store paper towels, which in fact may be located somewhere else in the house. That excited me too, as some of my pots and glass containers would love to be rather stored there. So, see how useful this decluttering and cleaning activity was? Strongly recommended 🙂

As if these were not enough, while on it, I also started a sour-dough starter this evening! Yay me! Anyways, I am keeping the starter jar with me at the bedroom to keep it away from the pests – savages! leave it alone! 🙂 I had tried two starters while I was on vacation, and the second one had worked out quite well. Unfortunately we had to kill (!) it before I left as my family does not bake. Alas; if this one turns out to be okay, I am hoping to keep it for a long time. I will post about the details of how to make a sourdough starter some other time.

I also prepared a poolish to be used in baking tomorrow. Basically, I activated 1/4 teaspoon of dry yeast in 1 cup of warm water and 0.8 table spoon of sugar (all mixed) by covering at room temperature and waiting for 15 min. Since the quantity of yeast is not huge, it does not form aggressive foams but it does nevertheless form a cloudy liquid and give out its characteristic smell. I then added 1 cup of all purpose flour, mixed with the help of a spoon, and covered the mix to rest and ferment overnight at room temperature. I used a pot for this purpose to keep the potential pest away from my poolish! 🙂

Have a great Friday everyone 🙂

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