I might be getting a cat, friends

I might be getting a cat, finally.

yesterday night at 2 am I woke up by the sounds coming from the en suite and detected mouse droppings on the floor. Yes, I have had mouse problem in the last 3 months but we have thought it was well controlled after a pest control company put traps and baits around the first floor of the house. We even got one in a trap 10 days ago. I was hopeful that that was it. But, no mice seem to be staying.

I slept on the couch on the first floor and put two traps and many sticky pads over the bathroom floor. There is nothing for now, but you can imagine my disgust and annoyance with this. For one, I paid over $300 to the pest company to help sort this problem. Well, it has not happened. yes, the mice showed up sporadically and maybe once a week I would see an activity, yet come on! – obviously either there is an entrance to the house or the baits are not working.

I called a friend of mine to “borrow” her cat to have its scent in the house – I heard that that would defer the mice. My friend said that this is only a wishful thinking and the best way is to have a hunter cat, a young and playful cat, in the house. My friend has convinced me finally that it is the sign that I should be getting the cat that I have been wanting to in the last one year or so. We hope to find one from a shelter this week.

I will love this cat; be friends with it; be its protector and carer; and we will be happy together 🙂

And, no mice please!

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  1. Not all cats are good mousers so make sure it likes to hunt. Good luck finding a kitty!! Even if it ends up not liking to hunt, you’ll at least have an awesome companion pet! Very exciting!

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  2. I love cats!! As you know, I own a kitty. Wait. I’ll rephrase that. She owns me. Hahaha! Cats are different than dogs but I appreciate them a lot. One thing I value about my cat is her way to make me be aware of myself. Dogs always love you no matter what so you aren’t aware of when you’re being annoying. But cats let you know by demanding their space is respected. I love that because I am the same way. She is my little girl and I would do anything for her. She is 12 now. You will love your kitty. The connection we make with animals is amazing! Oh! And I am glad you’re going to a shelter. Enjoy. xoxo

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    1. I keep hearing what a character cats have. I yet to see it and I am so looking forward to it. My friend and I are supposed to pick one tomorrow, if not hopefully sometime this week. I shopped today for food, stratch post, and litter materials – cannot wait 🙂


  3. Definitely let the shelter know specifically what you are looking for in the cat. I remember seeing a shelter ad once for cats that were specifically used to being outside and hunting down rodents, so they needed “homes” but really more like someone to put warm bedding/food/water outside for them because they were kind of wild but still needed someone to love them!

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      1. great read – thanks a lot for sharing it with me. i want to believe that cats are hunters or their scent keeps the pests away 🙂 but many people have opposing opinions. today a cab driver I talked to told me that the best way to have a mouser was to have it trained by another mouser cat 🙂 One of my friends, on the other hand, says that her cats just play with the mouse, rather than catching it. training seems to be essential (or hunger in the case of the feral cats)


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