quiche with spinach and mushroom


I have been meaning to try this quiche recipe for sometime. Finally, that day arrived 🙂

I have had some modifications:

  1. added 5 tb of chilled water to the dough rather than 4 tb
  2. used 1 cup of chopped mild cheddar as the only cheese source. And since I was kind of lazy, rather than grating it, I cut it out 🙂
  3. added 1 tsp of baking powder to the dough
  4. added chili pepper to the spinach-mushroom mixture. Also added it on top 🙂
  5. rested the dough for 1 hour at the fridge (I was buy with something else at that time) rather than 30 min
  6. used raw spinach (not frozen); first applied salt (around 1/2 tb) on it and mushed well, rinsed well, and squeezed hard to drain off water.  Then, I added it to the mushroom-garlic mix on the stove.
  7. Overall, I cooked the mix longer (around 10 min for the mushroom first and then added the spinach and cooked for another 10 min)

Yummy 🙂 very hearty and high calorie meal. I could not eat more than 1/4 of it at once. Ensured to feed 4 people.








Added after the post: Next time, I would make some modifications to this recipe. First, I would have the dough a little bit more hydrated and perhaps add another 1-2 tbs of water. Also, I would remove all the liquid from the filling (mushroom – spinach) and reduce the milk to may be 3/4 cups. The egg mixture would benefit from more vegetable oil. I think the dough could have been thicker or the filling would have been thinner.


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