weekly budget check

seems like I am spending and spending… While shopping is a great feeling, constantly spending over my budget is not. I gotta come up with a strict budget for the next week to get back to track (this works for me).

weekly allowance expenses: $145.5 ($25.5 over my regular allowance…)

savings from would-be-expenses (expenses that I was tempted to do, but did not; discounts, etc.): $163

Other expenses (cleaning products, cat supplies, cab to the shelter, a second hand rug): $317.5.

Ah, come on…. this is a huge amount. Around $200 is for cat-supplies/cab fee to visit the shelter. $70 is for a lovely second-hand area rug which turned out to be perfect (new, good-looking, and fitting the living room well. I should not be sorry πŸ™‚

fun funds saved this week: -$25.5

fun funds accumulated to date: -$8


So, for the first time since the new year, I have a negative balance in the fun funds, which means that I have no money left for extravaganza :). I am smiling but this situation is actually not great. I gotta tighten the belt this week. I need to purchase more cat supplies and also pay for the cat adoption fees. So, I probably am looking for another week with lots of expenses in the category of “other expenses”.


But, my fiends, life is good. I have hope that things will turn around Β πŸ™‚



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    1. πŸ™‚ I see I confused you a little bit and it is my bad. I save a portion of my net income every year for retirement and as emergency fund. I understand why this post confused you – I do not post about them regularly within my weekly-budget check posts. The savings from would-be-expenses are much lower than my expenses; maybe these confused you a little bit? These are the expenses that I would do in the past, but not anymore (for example, I take the bus now rather than taking the cab, which saves me a lot of money). But it is a good thing πŸ™‚ I am saving them πŸ™‚ yay!

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      1. Great.. I have this thumb rule of saving at least 6months of income as contingency or emergency fund..
        That’s wonderful u do retirement saving.. Have a blend of equity investment and debt funds ..I’m so happy that u r doing it. Most are ignorant about retirement saving

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  1. my husband and I had to up our fun money spending as well. It was very restrictive at first, but now we feel it is inline with how much we would like to spend and will not significantly alter our savings goals.

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