My first day with Jamie the cat

there he is! Jamie 🙂

Alright friends; I survived it 🙂

I brought Jamie home from the shelter (with the help of my friend, who encouraged me to adopt a cat and has been with me several times to see/check Jamie at the shelter). She has been instrumental in me finding a company and Jamie a home 🙂

I was not sure what would happen, as I was said at the shelter that he is a scared kind of cat. They told me it is mostly the other cats that scares him, but nobody would know how it would be at his new home. They advised me to keep him in a room for a few days prior to introducing the rest of the house to him, and spend time with him.

Okay. So I got a small room readied for him; everything is in there; toys, bed, scratcher, food, water, litter box,  carrier/pet taxi, a high bed-side drawer (so that he can go up to feel safe; that is what everybody says about cats; they like heights), the pillow I sit on while I am in the room, and an old small luggage of mine, which I thought he would like as a hiding place (he loved it 🙂 ).

During the entire time, I stayed in the room for 20-30 min and then left him alone to do other stuff in other parts of the house.  That works just fine with me.

But when I am in his room, I ignore him mostly, work on my computer, and let him approach me.  I am happy to say that we made frequent contacts as soon as he finished exploring his environment 🙂 I just offer my hand and he comes and pets himself as he pleases.

I talk to him too, which is weird 🙂 But I can see his tail waving, I hope that means he is okay with that  🙂

We did head-butt a couple of times, which I think is friendly.

I am not sure whether he liked his litter though – he seems to play with it and spread it around (the floor is like a war-zone – I have never seen that much dirt in my house before 🙂 ). I hope to see in the morning that he uses it.

For some reason, he is not eating his treats but seems to have liked the wet food I gave him. That is alright. I plan to feed him with wet food once a day or in two days or something. I am glad I have got something that he liked 🙂

We also play lightly; he likes the feathered fishing pole kind of toy very much. My friend told me not to stimulate him too much and I think for the first few days, we will keep our play times short.

By the way, what is up with catnip guys! I spread a pinch or two around the scratcher and the litter box and the cat has gone crazy! I mean, real crazy :)))

I left him in his room for the night and I am not sure what he is doing or how he will spend his time. But he needs to adjust to this. I hope not to get crazy and check on him every once a while. …

Anyways…. Overall it is good that we are getting along and fear is not a factor between us 🙂

I must thank my friend (which I have already many times) and another friend of my friend. See, my friend’s friend has given a cat taxi for Jamie (and toys and all bunch of other things) and my friend brought them to the shelter. I appreciated this so much 🙂 I was planning to buy a carrier but I was not sure which one to choose. That solved one problem right there. Some people are really nice 🙂

And I feel just lucky today.

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  1. You have yourself a pretty darn cute kitty, and I love how much effort you are making to allow both yourself and Jamie to adjust to the new living situation. I have no doubt, you have yourself a pretty special new member to your family. I’m so happy for you

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  2. He looks like my cats! Sounds like he is adjusting well, too! I think cats just like to kick litter everywhere for fun, that’s why we got a litter enclosure.

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        1. this is an excellent idea. Honestly loved it. it is multi purpose too which appeals me very much. thank you for taking your time to bring this to my attention. my cat is now got crazy again (night time hyperactivity, running and meowing, playing …) amazing creatures. definitely deserves the best 🙂

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  3. Oh that’s fabulous, you did it! I’m so happy for you and Jamie, you’re both lucky!! I think you’re handling everything perfectly. You will come to love his company as he will come to love yours. Cats are usually pretty independent so I think giving Jamie his space is a great idea. How lovely to have a room all set up for his arrival. He must feel so loved already….big smiles all around!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!! xo 🙂

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    1. happy, happy, joy, joy! 🙂 indeed. of course we both are still adjusting. I am not head over the heel yet as I feel kind of weird having something to care for. but he is such a sweet and well mannered cat that I guess I will appreciate him much better over time. I realize this change stresses me as much as him. one of my friends told me that caring for a cat eventually becomes a routine and does not bite anymore. hearing this has been good. I do not think that I am vastly different than many people (e.g. busy with lives, work, etc.) so I too shall get used to this new routine 🙂

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      1. Oh yes the adjustment period is a journey to be treasured, as you both learn about each other. Enjoy it and his sweetness as he learns to enjoy yours. He will become family before you know it and the stresses will disappear and be replaced with joy, love and the comfort of having a loved one who cares about you as deeply as you do about him!! 🙂

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        1. thanks for the encouragement 🙂 he seems to have adjusted really well – good boy. I am taking my time but it is gonna be fine. A transition period happens in all changes and I have gone thru many changes. This too shall pass, right 🙂

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  4. He is adorable!!! Cat nip. It makes some cats sleepy and they roll around and are just stoned although I have one cat that gets aggressive with his brothers when he is around the nip? Congratulations!! Thanks for,posting the picture!

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    1. I will post more once I have more time 🙂 he is adorable indeed and right now sleeping beside me on the couch. it is becoming our afternoon routine – time for me to relax and for him to feel loved and get warm.. I still do not like the idea of him sleeping on my bed. so these afternoon naps work well for me


    2. and the catnip. I do not think I would have catnip around him anymore – it makes it hyperactive. It is somehow scary to see him like that. but he gets hyperactive at nights too, running up and down the stairs like a rocket 🙂 will try to feed him closer to my bed time so that he may get sleepy while I am trying to sleep 🙂

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      1. My cats frequently come alive at night after we are in bed….a couple hours of them running up and down the hall and wrestling and then go,back to sleep. Enjoy…I think you will with your sweet kitty

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    1. that is what I read too! amazing that we have done it the first day. half an hour ago he did it again this time climbing on me while lying on the cough. kind of annoying for me to have him on me and around my head, but I guess I was patient and felt okay with this honor 🙂


    1. he is indeed very smart and I am very mesmerized by this…. poor thing; I am sure he felt exactly you said; feeling very happy to have left the shelter back and have a home with no other cat and lots of love and new stuff to explore..he will find another one 🙂

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