How am I doing in my 3rd day being a cat owner?

Jamie the cat and I are doing really well. It is a very well mannered cat. So far there has been no aggression or biting/scratching kind of events. He used his litter box and did not vomit or urinate everywhere (I hope). He wants me to scratch his neck quite frequently. I am happy with this for now as it helps us to bond, but I hope he will not expect me to do this all the time 🙂 I also try not to pay attention when he meows – the last thing I want to have is a cat that can get my attention whenever he wants…. (I know this sounds heartless, but honesty that is what I think….)

I introduced him to the first floor today. He is good at exploring and seems to enjoy looking out of the window.  He also sniffs the two second hand rugs I got last week; it is possible that they came from homes with pets.

He still visits his room; as a matter of fact his bed, hiding place (aka my old suitcase), litter box, water, and food trays are all there. Today I cleaned the room and opened the windows. While his litter box does not smell, the room does. I do not know whether that is the dry food or he urinated on the shag rugs to mark his room. Something happened.

Jamie and I often compete for the keyboard 🙂 I try to limit him step on it but I am not sure how that will happen..How do we make cats conditioned to not do something? if you have any advice, please tell me.

So almost everything is fine. I am still trying to adjust to having something at home and something to care for. It is kind of strange as I have been living alone for a very long time. I must admit I feel like my freedom is limited now; it is only because of me watching Jamie all the time 🙂 I try to see how he behaves and whether there are dangers at home that I have not counted for. I guess this feeling will go away in a couple of days.

Right after I typed that, Jamie, while trying to climb in a storage cabinet, dropped something heavy. Of course, that is not nice but I talked to him, does he get it? I needed to open the vacuum to clean the mess and that caused him to get a little bit more scared. I do not know where he is right now – hiding somewhere I guess.

Since I am usually a quiet person, I try to make noises around for him to get used to noise. I rang the bell, TV is on, I used the vacuum to clean the house yesterday and today. I expect a couple of visitors this week, which I hope will give him an opportunity to get used to having people at home.

So, I still have some internal work to do and need to get used to live with a cat/another living being, whose rules and habits do not match mine, but I could not ask for a better mannered cat. He is quiet, not violent/aggressive, eats and drinks water well, does not walk on the counter or the dining table yet (I have newspapers with double-sided tapes – he tried once and he did not like the sticky thing I guess. I have not seem him doing this again. I got the idea from internet. I hope to keep him away from these places), is young and looking healthy. A nice cat after all.

I will handle my emotions and the responsibility towards him. We will be fine over time.


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  1. After we got our cats, we found out one loves to chew wires but the other didn’t, so maybe check the wires to make sure there are no teeth marks. Other dangers can be the cords/strings from blinds, some cats are fine but we keep all the blinds up just in case. In a way, it’s similar to baby proofing!

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    1. my cat has a tendency to chew things time to time but did not see him paying attention to wires yet – I sure will keep an eye on this (thank you for the tip). I had folded the strings from the blinds but I gotta check that again to make sure. I had bought a fish pole toy, which had a string attached to it. I decided it was best it was gone – who knows what would happen.. (I am learning how to provide a safe environment I guess 🙂 )


  2. I think all cats like to lay on a desk beside or,on the keyboard. I just physical move them to a spot I want them to lay. It takes practice…they love to lay in boxes and baskets so I had an old basket I placed on my desk and that is his spot. I’ve only had problems with 1 out of 5 cats who liked to pee in weird places. As long as the litter box is clean, I have no problems.

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    1. so far I have not had the liter problem, which is awesome. hope that will continue like that. I just would like to change the litter as it is quite dusty (clay, clumping). I took your recommendation and put a nice blanket on the desk; he seems to like it but I guess a basket will be much better, more appealing to him. thanks for this tip! 🙂


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