22 August 2016

when I read this post, I was surprised by the simplicity and the positive effect of remembering this one fact; that I am safe.
I am re-posting, hoping that you can too experience this.

Unleash Your Happiness Affirmations

I am safe.

–  Jodi Reeves Life

I have just finished writing my affiramtions for today  and I was guided to use this affirmation. At first I was a little resistant.


It seemed too simple, too basic, almost too general.

As I wrote it though and allowed the ‘feeling’ of the words to touch me I was reminded that simple can be powerful, very powerful, and I often forget that. I can get caught up in being ‘clever’, I can obsess a little about things sounding unique or clever, I can get stuck on the ‘words’!! Yet there can be true power in simplicity.

I think there was lesson in this for me this morning.
Don’t overcomplicate the powerfully simplistic.

So many things I wish for actually come from a desire to feel safe.
Money, love, success, even a beautiful home can come down to wanting to feel safe. When we…

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