sad decisions….

Sometimes there is no ideal choice and you just need to pick one that will better fit your current needs or wishes.

That is what I have done yesterday night.

Tomorrow, I am giving Jamie (the cat I adopted last Friday) back to the shelter.

It breaks my heart….

Jamie is a lovely cat. Just maybe too friendly, which I cannot accommodate in my life; like not being able to pet him very, very frequently as he constantly asks for it; not being able to allow him to lie on my keyboard, which otherwise limits my work and personal time; and not being able to let him sleep on my bed at night.

Rejecting him at these occasions feels very bad and he also shows the signs of frustrations, by biting or chewing….. Yesterday night after a number of biting and chewing attempts I thought: I knew I was not completely ready to have a cat (lots to learn to take excellent care of him), but I had never thought before that I would be scared of a cat….Sure somebody else would have handled these better, but I just feel helpless as to how to figure these out now.

This afternoon, I called the shelter and they expect him back tomorrow. My friend will come to help me to get him in the carrier. People at the shelter were sad…. I was sad. Very sorry…..

I feel like sh.t…..

I am sending a lovely creature out of my life to a shelter that he was not happy with at the first place (he does not like other cats while he is extremely good with people). I am denying him the happiness he has had here with me. I will miss his voice, his warmth, and trust on me. I will miss cleaning his litter box (for some reason, I never negatively reacted to that), picking up food and toys for him. I will miss the good memories we have had in the last four days, the way he made me feel unconditionally loved and trusted.

These are the emotional parts of the entire ordeal. I broke tears many times since yesterday….Emotions, after all, are quite powerful.

There is, of course, a logical part of the entire ordeal as well. I am not only denying him happiness but also frustration coming from not being pet/scratched every 10 minutes. This is actually good for him. I imagine him being quite happy in a new home with multiple people. I imagine him being happy with someone who is just happy with the way Jamie is, or knows how to train him (if there is anything like this)  to not do certain things or show certain behaviors. He is a great cat, young, beautiful, and healthy and I am sure that he can find a new home soon (I do not want to think otherwise….).

As per me; I will continue to feel like a failure, guilty, and heartless for some time. But when I think, I know it is the best decision not only for him, but also for me. I will be back to my regular life and life-style, and reflect on myself, my life, and my relationships with people or animals I love. I just hope that I will not dwell too much on this and over-generalize my failure with Jamie to my entire life and to my other relationships.

Love, my friends, can bring one to her knees, or make one to fly up high. The clash with emotions and logical thinking, on the other hand, can be detrimental; my self-induced self-hate right now, after all, is mostly due to this clash.

I am almost sure in a couple of weeks, I will be fine. Just like how I have overcome the emotions I have had for the first cat I had loved but did not adopt because he had extensive dental problems in the past…. I have hated myself for quite a long time after that, too.

It is strange that all of these and my interest to adopt a cat happened in the last two weeks.

What a strange, emotionally dense, and wonderful time of my life at the same time..


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  1. Sorry to hear this, but remember it isn’t about success/failure, heartlessness or anything like that – just that the two of you want different things. It would be easier (but selfish) to keep him so you are doing the right thing.

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  2. do not chastise yourself so. you are making the better decision now so that the kitten will find a better matched home. i had purchased a herding breed pup for when i had sheep and i had planned to train him. He was smart as a whip and showed good promise, but he was just too high energy for me. So i sold him when i sold the sheep – no regrets, we were simply not a good match and he’ll flourish with his new owner. Remember, too, that cats or dogs that end up for adoption generally have some behavioral or physical disorders. But sometimes it is one given away because the family has to move. Be at peace my friend.

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    1. Tauna, as usual you nailed it…. I am so grateful that you shared your experience. his helps me a lot, as knowing that I am not the only person who has gone thru such an experience is a big deal for me. I liked the way how you defined the pup; just too high energy…. I feel better now, as there are others who commented in a similar way. I must have hope that he will have a loving home soon… there must be someone who would like the cat the way he is 🙂


  3. He sounds like a very cuddly kitty but it can be annoying when they want so much attention like that. Lots of people will be happy to get a cat like that so he’ll find a new home quickly!

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  4. Do you think you’d be able to find someone to take him if you gave them your cat stuff? Like “free cat and cat items to the perfect home”?

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    1. that would be a good idea; shelter however makes it mandatory to bring the cat back to them. I had found this weird at first, but maybe they have a good reason….I am happy to donate his stuff to the shelter – I am sure they will be useful there (this somehow makes me feel better)

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  5. Not everyone is a pet person, for many reasons and that is perfectly fine! You brought Jamie back, even though it broke your heart, because you knew someone else would love him the way he needs to be loved. You, my friend, just displayed unconditional love, a very rare quality. Although it may not feel like it now you did him the best thing for him, gave him the opportunity to meet another wonderful family who is ready for him. I’m sorry you are feeling so blue and distraught, say prayers for Jamie and ask the Angels to find him the best home for him! xo

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