final decluttering activity at home

I have been meaning to declutter my storage for over a year and finally that day has arrived!

I got it done today; I am disposing 8 paint cans (with little or no paint in), a bag of dry cement, something else used for construction, and a large bucket, all of which I acquired together with the house  I bought 2.5 years ago. I also put aside four large cardboard boxes, around 200 VHS cassettes, some other minor furniture, and an old luggage. These I hope will all go in a week (either sold or given away; or dumped with the  garbage). I kept them for so long assuming that I would need them (e.g. the paint used in my home and the minor furniture), but come on, they have been there for years. Time to go.

I have not opened the taped boxes, the majority of which are full of paperwork (bills, tax docs etc). They should stay.

I can still dump many items from that area (like some brochures of countries I visited), but for now I am okay keeping them. Next time, they are on the list 🙂

Feeling good about this entire decluttering adventure 🙂

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