I just feel lucky

It is one of those days that I feel really lucky – how great is this? 🙂

First; work went well and two presentations I was stressed about turned out to be just ready. What a relief! I now have time for other stuff that requires my attention and my stress levels have just went down. I sure will enjoy my labour day long weekend without working 🙂

Second: I continue to walk in the mornings to the office. Weather is awesome, and more than that, I have the energy to wish to do so! I am lucky that my doctor did blood work and supplemented me with iron and Vitamin D. I truly believe that they have made a difference in my life and the way I feel.

Third: I bought  second hand pantry yesterday. The previous owners delivered it to me 🙂 It is almost new, has a nice dark colour, and its shelves are really tall. It provides me with extra storage now; I will keep all the cleaning products and other home-snuff (like nails, glues, etc) that are currently placed in my first pantry or kitchen cabinets. I will transfer all the non-food items from the first pantry to open space for my flours and other dry food. I feel ecstatic about this 🙂

Fourth: considering the pest problem in the recent past, I had bought plastic containers to keep my dry food and flours in. Guess what? They just fit in to the pantry #1! So I will be able to secure my food in them and store everything in the pantry. No more mid-size plastic containers around 🙂

Fifth; my two new second hand rugs just changed the face of my living room. Yes, they needed some cleaning, but I love both of them and they make me feel at home. Plus, they were too delivered to my home with no extra charge. Together with the new pantry, these rugs improved the homey feeling of my house and made my life better with little effort.

I feel very good about all of these; certainly very, very lucky 🙂

It feel awesome to feel this way.

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